DJ Podcast Episode 132 – Xbox One gets FIFA14, game over for PS4 in Europe?

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we discuss all the latest Xbox gaming news including the big one, the release date for the Xbox One, November 22nd for Australia. Also, making news, Aussies will benefit with a pack in bundle which includes FIFA 14 for those who pre-order the console. Also, Microsoft to support the Xbox 360 till 2016 with over 100 games on the way."

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5h4h4b1749d ago

Game is not over. It has just begun. Btw funny title. Haha

Games_R_Us1749d ago

I love my catchy titles, but it is actually a question, hence the ? Mark. I do think given Europe is heavily driven by their love of Soccer/Football, bundling in a game like FIFA14 could definately shift more consoles there for Microsoft. Plus, with the Xbox One launching a week ahead of the PS4 in the UK, this could be very impacting indeed.

its food for though I guess. What do our European gamers think?

5h4h4b1749d ago

The title is funny bro. I know it's a question but it's a funny and silly one. Obviously game is not over. You can get FIFA and ps4 for lesser price. Even a kid knows that.

PS4isKing_821749d ago

But the FIFA pre orders were only limited to day one pre orders tho. So lets say 500,000 were bundled with FIFA. That's not very many. Plus Sony has a killer ps4 bundle for Europe on the 29th with killzone SF, two controllers and the camera for the same price as the Xbox one. If its game over for anyone, it's Xbox one.

CRAIG6671749d ago

I ended up cancelling my FIFA bundle and opting for the Forza bundle instead, I also have a strong feeling we will see a free Ryse bundle in the coming weeks, I may pick that up to sell on ebay at a later date.

JustPlay41749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

What if you don't even want or like fifa that make this kinda point less, even if there are lot of people that do, but hey that just me (my opinion given)

MasterCornholio1749d ago

Why would it be game over when a PS4 and FIFA cost less than an Xbox One with Fifa?

Also the Xbox One will only get FIFA for a limited time and only with the first batch of preorders. Once the offer is gone an Xbox One with Fifa will cost 560€ which is 100€ higher than a PS4 with FIFA.

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Games_R_Us1749d ago

You also need to factor in guys, In Australia, the difference between an PS4 and a Xbox One, is just $50.

FIFA 14 costs $90 new.
Kinect is also included.

Its an absolute no brainer that the Xbox One is far better value in Australia.

as for UK, $100, I mean still, the game + Kinect is worth the difference easily.

BG115791749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Holy crap 90$!!! For Fifa more to say!!!!
Are all games this expensive in Australia?

So the Bundle FIFA+Xbox One is coming to Australia to. I thought it was just for the per-orders in Europe and in very limited edition.
Oh well must have heard wrong.

MasterCornholio1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Um did you miss this part out?

"game over for PS4 in Europe"

I was just responding to the headline which asks if the PS4 would be in trouble in Europe.

Also another question related to this "Kinect is also included."

Do the majority of people even want Kinect to begin with?

"as for UK, $100, I mean still, the game + Kinect is worth the difference easily."

Depends if you want Kinect or not. As for the rest of Europe theres a bundle with the PS4, PlayStation Eye, extra controller and Killzone Shadow Fall for the same price as an XBOX One.


gaelic_laoch1749d ago

Whomever wrote this articles Title is seriously psychologically deluded!

Bathyj1749d ago

Thanks, haven't had a laugh like that in quite a while.

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