Game Engine Showdown

You can argue all you want that gameplay supplants graphics in the priorities of game design, but with fairly competent 3D accelerators in almost every modern PC, combined with the growing penetration of fast, dual-core CPUs, not to mention the proliferation of powerful game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it has become expected that games will not only look good, but play good.

This is just one reason why Atomic decided to take a look at the game engines that will be the most prominent in the years to come, technology with the potential to be used in games other than those they were originally developed for. It was a hard choice to focus on just a few, but they finally nailed down the three they believe to not only be the best, but have the highest chance of finding their way into the work of other developers. Those engines were Epic's Unreal Engine 3, Valve's Source and, of course, Crytek's CryENGINE2.

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old and very incorrect about which platforms can run which engines...