Zelda: Wind Waker HD lets you skip the prologue

Read up on a new tidbit for Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

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SpiralTear1626d ago

This means the opening cutscene with the stain-glass-images and backstory? Um...that's cool, I guess.

Summons751626d ago

It's good for speed runners and people who just want to get to the gameplay and not be stopped by talking every 5 minutes. Personally I enjoy story so I won't skip it.

just-joe1626d ago

Still gonna watch it, love the music.

The_Truth_24_71626d ago

Nint just keeps innovating! This is unheard of! The ability to skip the opening! No games had ever done that before!


PygmelionHunter1626d ago

One does not simply skip the opening sequence in Zelda games.