1UP Previews: UEFA EURO 2008 - We take a closer look at UEFA's Captain Your Country mode

1UP writes: "In our previous write-up of UEFA Euro 2008, we excitedly spouted details about the game's Captain Your Country mode. After a dozen hours of hands-on time, we're even more excited. While the game features significant fixes out on the pitch, it's the complex, engaging Captain Your Country mode that'll get FIFA series aficionados reaching for their wallets when the game releases in late spring (and at $49.99, the $10 discount from the regular FIFA's nice).

Captain Your Country sees you create a player and pick a country, then use only that one player throughout the course of qualifying for the UEFA European Football Championship -- the quadrennial competition that pits Europe's top soccer nations against each other. During contests, you'll see a score on the screen for each of the four players participating -- and competing -- in the mode (these can be either human- or computer-controlled). As you complete passes, hammer shots on net, or successfully dribble past opponents, your score will rise (between 1.0 and 10) -- and vice versa: Make bad choices, like drawing a yellow card, and you'll watch your score drop. Arrows on the pitch help you stick to playing your position, which is made all the easier by the game eschewing the first-person viewpoint seen in FIFA 08's Be a Pro mode (though the first-person option is still available if you're playing single-player)."

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