onPause Review: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

onPause writes:

The best parts of XCOM are clearly its presentation and combat system when it works well and I loved exploring the XCOM base, talk to the various characters and soak in the atmosphere. Something I would have liked to see is the actual implementation of research or more fleshed out uses of the base. The most researching I did was picking up an alien weapon and that counted as ‘acquired’ – this is a missed opportunity.

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mcroddi1324d ago

Funny how the shooter came out way later than the more recently announced XCOM Enemy Unknown... long dev cycle!

bohangirl841324d ago

It's interesting that there is a Mad Men vibe to this game.

LackLuster1324d ago

I'm sure people are excited for more XCOM. I know I am.

Speed-Racer1323d ago

Thanks for the review guys

Shoul1320d ago

So glad XCOM returned.