1UP Reviews: Okami - A second chance for a deserving classic

1UP writes: "The original Okami for PS2 is one of my very favorite games -- a stunning achievement in both artistry and entertainment. And it's still the same beautifully told, endlessly creative, epic adventure that I immersed myself in two falls ago. While the Wii version should be the ultimate way to experience the game -- the Wii Remote seems destined to serve as the perfect input for the Celestial Brush mechanic used throughout -- its quirks and imprecision are just problematic enough to ensure that the original retains its place as the Okami that should be remembered for years to come. It's too late to support original developer Clover directly (who shut down after the PS2 release, partially due to mediocre sales), but for $40, those who haven't experienced Okami have an amazing opportunity to pay respect to Clover's legacy, support the fine folk at Ready at Dawn for undertaking the task of porting something so immense, and embark on an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Okami doesn't age -- it matures. Steeped in Japanese mythology, with a story bursting with themes of life, love, and companionship (gaming-industry rarities, if ever there were), it's one of the most remarkable journeys I've taken from my couch."

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wiizy3778d ago

yes i hope this game does very well before mario kart comes out.