'Batman: Arkham Origins' Nightfall DLC Will Be Free on PS3 in Japan

8CN: According to Official Japanese PlayStation Community, PlayCommu, if you purchased your copy of Batman: Arkham Origins on the PlayStation 3, the first DLC pack will be free. Whether or not this will be the case with other regions is not confirmed yet.

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MisfitsInc1655d ago

so i can dust off my Japanese account

rajman1655d ago

Unless you buy the Japanese game, the dlc wont work

MisfitsInc1655d ago

true, i didn't really think out my reply before i typed it lol

KonsoruMasuta1655d ago

Oh yeah! That's going to be nice.

Deadpoolio1654d ago

The article forgot the part about it being exclusive to PS3 also...And for the Xbots who swear that it will come to 360, remind me again how great those joker challenge maps were in Arkham Asylum.....

Sony has revealed that the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3 will receive exclusive Knighfall DLC.

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