PS4 in 23 Different Colors

Check out the PS4 in 23 different colors
Which 1 is your favourite?

Majin-vegeta964d ago

Sony should just open up a shop for custom PS consoles.Imagine KZ HiG and eyes light up when you turn it on :0.

UltimateMaster964d ago

Personally, I'd pick:
Bottom second Red. Blue on top of it. Gold on top of that one. And if they're could be a Forest Green One too, That be awesome.
Combine all 4 colors, and what do you get?
Hint: PS logo.

younglj01964d ago

having official custom PS4 would be very nice too have.The Nintendo PS4 was very clever and I could see people buying that one a lot...

PSjesus964d ago

If Sony treat the rest of the world like Japaneses
market (more colors).....PS4 well sell gazillions units

inmusicutrust964d ago

This is a pretty amazing idea.

ZHZ90964d ago

Almost all of them look great I would choose the golden one.

iMixMasTer872964d ago SpamShow
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LOL_WUT964d ago

I want that lime green one it'll go well with my iPOD ;)

inmusicutrust964d ago

You still have an ipod? Not hating, I was just thinking today as great as my phone is for an mp3 player I miss having a dedicated music device ha.

Mio964d ago

Nice Ideas. I would buy the black and dark purple one.

DarkBlood964d ago

red and dark red for me lol and purple because of my birthstone color

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