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Call of Duty Ghosts VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Graphics Comparison

Gadget Mill: Many Call of Duty fans had set high expectations for Infinity Ward to deliver something spectacular for the Call of Duty franchise since it was going to be made available on next gen consoles. Although these expectations were somewhat shattered with the gameplay reveals of Call of Duty ghosts, we initially questioned whether the game was being played on current gen consoles or next gen; well these were our initial thoughts anyway!

Now since we have already pre-ordered a PS4 console, we started to research which launch games to pre-order! As we are Call of Duty fans (yes I know, not everyone likes Call of Duty) our gut feeling told us to stick with Call of Duty as one of the launch titles to pick up; but then another side of us wanted to experience the true next generation experience and with our initial thoughts after seeing the reveal we may not be actually getting this with Call of Duty Ghosts. So we decided to dig deeper... (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   665d ago
There's a difference?Guess i might need my eyes checked xD.
deadlydragon121  +   665d ago
haha come on, I'm sure you could see some differences!
UltimateMaster  +   664d ago
Not much of a difference if any.
What's the point in buying a next-gen console when you get similar graphics on this gen for this game?
If you have a 360, you can't voice chat with One gamer and vice-versa unless you use skype.

Why would you abandon your 360 friends to play with a few select gamers for very little graphic difference?

You might as well just get the game on PS3 and spare yourself a yearly subscription fee of any kind.
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MWong  +   664d ago
In most of the screen shots BO2 looked better than Ghost. Only real shinning point for Ghost was the knife screen shot. The question that we might want to ask is what build of the next-gen were we seeing.
Nitrowolf2  +   664d ago
you can't rally blame them though, I mean they are putting are their resources in next-gen fishes and dogs
Enemy  +   664d ago
Funny how Killzone 2 looks better than next gen Call of Duty: Ghosts.
BattleAxe  +   664d ago
Not much difference at all, but if you're going to do comparisons, you should at least compare screen shots that both show scenes with vegetation or scenes where they both show desert landscapes. In this case what we see are screen shots with vegetation shown against screen shots with a desert landscape and then another shot that shows a container port verses a desert landscape.... I would've figured that this would be common sense.
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News4Noobs-  +   664d ago
Correction. The only difference that you will/might see is that Ghosts is "1080p" and Black Ops and other CODs are about 640p (not even 720p). So if you take even COD4 which was released in 2007 and make it native 1080p resolution it will look just as fine or better than COD: Ghosts (2013). So the point here is that, Activision is calling it "next-gen" just for marketing purposes... or maybe is it because for them having the first COD native HD (pass 720p) is a big improvement/advancement for them? [congratulations!] Because really their engine hasn't changed since 2006.
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pixelsword  +   664d ago
Dog Armor incoming...
aceitman  +   665d ago
omg this is this gen to next gen comparison , I thought some shots where even while black ops 2 looked better on others . if true this is sad to call it next gen cod. its making me think about my preorder. and just getting the ps3 version instead of ps4.
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Eddie20101  +   665d ago
Looks like it was intentionally made to look like Ghosts didn't look as good as Black ops 2.
deadlydragon121  +   665d ago
Really? Because I am actually going to pre-order Black Ops 2.
aksmashh  +   664d ago
I was actually interested but thats worse comparison ever!!!

Its gonna be tough to choose cod over kz and bf4!!!

Il be interested to see what treyarch do next year with zombies!!
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christian hour  +   664d ago
What did people expect? Activision can talk it up all they want but this is the same old engine, only difference is its got all the settings turned up to 'High' and 'Ultra'.

This looks just as unimpressive as the PC ports of COD games. Lazy developers... why bother with a studio that makes games when all the original talent and passion has left? Please stop buying this tripe so we can stop giving publishers the impression that they can do a half assed job and still dip in to our wallers.

I've been telling my friends for years to forget about COD, the people who were heavily invested in the game left years ago, just wait patiently for whatever respawn entertainment have been working on.

And boy did my patience pay off. Of course I'll have to wait an extra year or so for it to lose its exclusivity but I don't mind, no way in hell am I giving microsoft another cent by buying an X1 just for Titanfall, as great as it seems.
Shadonic  +   664d ago
I didnt see much of a difference either.
Lboogieskells  +   664d ago
I couldn't tell the difference.
chaldo  +   664d ago
All they did was up the post processing. Give me a break.
starchild  +   664d ago
You most certainly do need your eyes checked. If you can't see the increased geometry, higher resolution textures and improved lighting you simply aren't very observant.

But this attitude is not surprising to me. Many gamers have very poor knowledge of graphics tech and they only really respond to art direction, color and contrast.

Edit: this comparison is crap. I'm going off videos that have been released for COD Ghosts.
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gwumper987  +   664d ago
You cant say the graphics are really improved that much. Yes there is increased geometry, and yes there are some marginal effects improvements, but over all, it looks only like the max settings pc version of blops 2 (which wasn't that great anyway). It doesn't come within miles of other next gen titles, and in my opinion really isn't representative of what next gen is and will be.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   664d ago
Looks the same to me!
maniacmayhem  +   665d ago
I hate to say this but the differences are minor. I can only say that the devs have been working on this way before final specs were even announced and this is probably why you don't see the difference.

Hopefully the next Cod, and you know there will be one will have a bigger leap in visuals.

And then again graphics aren't everything.
deadlydragon121  +   665d ago
True, I would be very happy if Call of Duty Ghosts played smoothly online with no lag etc. Would be amazing!
BattleReach  +   664d ago
RaptgamersUnited  +   665d ago
Thats why I will switch to Battlefield 4 and Titan Fall for a while until Call Of Duty get's their stuff together with the next gen consoles.
mafiahajeri  +   664d ago
Lmao at the thumbnail xD
Rai  +   664d ago
wow...the first picture with the scopes, I thought the one on the right looked better..turns out it was black ops 2..
mt  +   664d ago
da power of AI fish.
Red_Devilz  +   664d ago

Intelligent feesh and Smart daug.
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DoomeDx  +   664d ago
The power of jokes that are getting old
mt  +   664d ago
the power of the fish compels you.

*throws holy fish at you*
JackStraw  +   664d ago
anybody saying they don't see any differences are delusional or "fit in" kids who just hate cod because it's cool to do.
TheBurger29  +   664d ago
or we dont any differences because there really aren't any... ghost is garbage and any intelligent person could tell you the same
JackStraw  +   664d ago
point proven.

"ghost is garbage" - you've played it?
adventureghost124  +   664d ago

You don't need a person to tell you its garbage you can look at the gameplay they've given you and see that it looks almost exactly the same as this gen, and it seems just like every other Call of duty game. Same formula of shooting guys but with slightly different guns and maybe 2 or 3 more modes that could have been added in an update from any other call of duty EVER instead of just releasing a DLC they charge you for a whole game oh and now female soldiers...great. hell I would even say that Black Ops 2 looks better than ghosts from those pictures
MRMagoo123  +   664d ago
I see a difference , the pics of Blops 2 look better than the ghost ones mainly, thats not really good news for this game considering its meant to be next gen and all, i think ill stick with BF4 and KZsf till the next COD and see how that turns out.
Angeljuice  +   664d ago
I honestly thought some of the black ops 2 pics must be from ghosts because they looked better. Some ghosts shots do look more impressive though, it's not such a leap graphically as some were hoping im sure.

I am viewing on a smartphone though.
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cunnilumpkin  +   664d ago
the vast majority of difference is going to be resolution

and hopefully proper anti aliasing

those of you who were expecting mid-high pc level graphics next gen are delusional

crysis 3 level graphics maxed on pc will not ever happen in native 1920x1080 on ps4/xbox1
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HammadTheBeast  +   664d ago
I don't see why you're comparing $400 to $1000+....

And in terms of gameplay, lolCrysis.
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HeyImBen11  +   664d ago
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filipakos  +   664d ago
Why are u comparing black ops 2 with black ops 2
Vip3r  +   664d ago
Kinda like COD3 when it was released. That said, the PS4/XB1 isn't difficult to program for in comparison to current gen hardware when it was released so no excuses at all activision.

Just lazy devs.
jp_footy2  +   664d ago
Graphics comparison? LOL. Spot the difference would be more accurate.
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Rezka  +   664d ago
Article is a joke
Pancit_Canton  +   664d ago
The original Modern Warfare looks a lot better than Ghost.
This shows they just copy and paste pretty much everything except for mo cap dog and a.i fish.
Corpser  +   664d ago
People only want to talk about the best looking games, but COd Ghost is what many next gen games will look like
HmongAmerican  +   664d ago
Here are some COD Ghost gameplay for ya. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Red_Devilz  +   664d ago
Whats the use of "character modeling"? It is f*kig FPS.

1) You NEVER see face of your own character.

2) If you get close enough to see face of your opponent character, you're dead for all practical purposes.

IW / Activision can spend more time in thinking about *Real* advancements than these useless ones. TBH, I don't see much difference between COD:BO and Ghosts
deadlydragon121  +   664d ago
Character modelling as a whole is pretty important. Think Killzone character models...
kingmushroom  +   664d ago
Killzone 2 looks better that excuse of a so called next gen improvement
Dirtnapstor  +   664d ago
I can't imagine this comparison is between BLOPS2 and the next-gen version of Ghosts... Not sure why commentators are stating things of that nature. I'm expecting a jump in details, etc. on the next-gen cycle. Got a buddy who played it at the reveal in LA. Said it was an impressive jump from this gen.
GhostPanther  +   664d ago
I see the DIFFERENCE. The HUB.
Nicxel  +   664d ago
I say the best game has been MW3. I hated looking at black ops and never touched BO2. I think its the face off playlists. Gives me a competitive edge with COD in stead of playing the other standard playlists and just camping for kill streaks not caring about winning/losing.

Unless Ghosts has a 2v2 and/or 3v3 (especially 2v2) I wont get it.

I've only played MW2 (for like 2 months before Halo:Reach came out) and MW3 for like a year now.
deadlydragon121  +   664d ago
I love face off, best thing about Infinity Ward games. Blops2 was pretty good considering it was a Treyarch game which I'm not usually very fond of!
airshiraz  +   664d ago
i havnt seen a mind blowing truly next gen game trailer since now have u?
rezzah  +   664d ago
terrible comparison.
TheBurger29  +   664d ago
ikr! all they showed us was a bunch oh BO2
rezzah  +   662d ago
You should be a comedian.

The images were not similar. Even if these images of Ghosts is all we have, then better to wait for more diversity in gameplay.

Or go out of your way to find/create similar images in BO2 for a proper comparison.
AKR  +   664d ago
At first I thought the BLOPS 2 was Ghosts...then I saw the caption at the bottom.
quenomamen  +   664d ago
I expect nothing less from the guys over at IW and Treyarch, lol probably the laziest devs in the business.
RedSoakedSponge  +   664d ago
its pretty bad how its pretty easy to confuse the shots if it wasnt for the name on them lol.
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   664d ago
I didn't read this but Dog made me laughed
sAVAge_bEaST  +   664d ago
That's what I would call "minimal"

-sometimes less is more, not in this case.
Lord_Frieza  +   664d ago
Can we name our dogs in COD ghosts?
If we can I wanna name mine Scoobert
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