Game Revolution: Zoo Tycoon 2 Review

Game Revolution: Unlike most kids I knew, working with animals never entered my list of dream jobs. Shelters and zoos make me feel guilty about locking animals up and euthanasia sounds like a dirty word, but those aren't the reasons. It's the clean-up. My old roommate worked at the Humane Society, and every day he came home smelling like a rotting barn and covered in mysterious fluids. It only gets worse as the animals get bigger. Have you ever seen what they do to constipated elephants?

Zoo Tycoon 2 never steps that far into the murky underbelly of animal care, nor is it as offensively naïve as some of the DS's other pet "simulators". In fact, you don't care for the animals so much as you create their synthetic homes and manage the park while they eat, play, and mate. Don't worry; there aren't any awkward, springtime moments. Zoo Tycoon 2 deserves its E-rating, but it doesn't shy away from the complexities of real life."

+ Intricate strategy
+ Challenging objectives
+ Tons of building options

- Crude graphics
- Repetitive Campaign mode
- Limited replay value

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