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"Outlast is the first game to ever affect me after the lights go off. Sometimes, I want to grab my camera, turn on the night-vision mode and peer into the darkness, but I know deep down, I’ll have a pair of glowing eyes peering back at me." - James Black (ExtraContinue Reviews Editor on Outlast)

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xBraiNshOcK1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I can't wait for this PS+ free game! Great score!

gazgriff2k121719d ago

best thing about ps+ i technically already own this game on ps4.

greatness awaits

xBraiNshOcK1719d ago

and 8 other games as well :D

I love PS+, sure there are some months that I hate it, but I love it for the majority of the time. So you can say I have a love/hate relationship with it lol.

Pintheshadows1719d ago

I don't like it. It's stupid.

It is actually really good, but it is terrifying in the dark with headphones. I have to turn it off after around 20 minutes.

xBraiNshOcK1719d ago

That's how I am gonna play it. With headphones in the dark. Hope I can remote play this on my vita as well.

harv0521719d ago

Played it on PC. This shit is SCARY!!!! Relies heavily on atmosphere, and it gets it right!

Big_Mex1719d ago

Excellent sound design and the graphics are top notch as well.

MasterCornholio1719d ago

And this is an indie game?

Dang it looks good.