GTA 4 Censored in New Zealand Also

AusGamers has learned the New Zealand release of GTA 4 will carry the same omissions as the Australian version, so anyone in Aus thinking of importing from closer to home should probably think again...

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Breakfast3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Wait a minute...theres a difference between New Zealand and Australia!?


Chris_GTR13897d ago

theres not, thats why its been dumbed down in both those places.

UziSuicide3897d ago

We've never had Aussies cut rubbish before, we (NZ) rated it uncut in Feb and it got an R18.

Unless of course Take 2 cut the versions prior to being rated, which would make the most sense atm. I'm guessing that was how they issued them in this region for classification due to Australia's past history with the game.

Looks a lot better to let everyone think you've been forced to cut the game then having done it yourselves. What a bunch of rebels.

marionz3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

aus does get some edited versions while nz still gets the full uncut games, not often but it does happen, or even worse for aus is dark sector has apparently been banned there while we in new zealand get the full uncut version.
i couldnt care less about gta so im not upset about that, i think rockstar makes some rubbish games, and while ive got no problem with most kinds ov violence in games i still think games like gta and saints row take things too far, seriously all games like this do is breed gang violence and make it look like being in a gang or beating hoes taking drugs and running people over is fun, even in nz we have enough problems with gang culture, and games like this that do nothing but glamourise the lifestyle should be banned outright, i love video games but gta spills over into real life far too much

boJABER3897d ago

poor guyz :) import it then ;)

billythepunk3897d ago

What's annoying for New Zealanders is they actually have an R18+ rating, so the game should be uncut

Asurastrike3897d ago

Australians obviously can't handle the game.

But seriously, PS3 games aren't region coded so importing should be simple. Not sure about the 360 version, but I assume it would be equally as simple.

moneymaker3897d ago

I don't care about the edited version im gonna buy my Aussie version and if I have any problem with it ill import the US version from play-asia. I also read the OFLC rating site and the game still contains Strong violence, Strong coarse language, Drug and sexual references so the edits can't be that extreme even Rockstar said they wouldn't release the game here if it affected the game in any way.


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The story is too old to be commented.