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As a single player FPS experience on a handheld it’s as close as you’ll get to the home console experience.

Everything has been polished to perfection, and there are enough alternative objectives to keep you returning to the contracts to complete them again.

With the added extra of online multiplayer there is a lot of content to keep players engaged for many months.

Killzone Mercenary is perhaps the most important AAA game on the Vita release schedule this year, and should hopefully help to drive sales of the neglected handheld.

Old red eyes is back with a bang!

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805Junior8051806d ago

They should release another white or red edition PS Vita with killzone: Mercenary bundle, it would sell like hot cakes. Such a great game. Had my doubts but am glad I took the time to get into the beta that unfortunately is now over, but it comes out Tuesday. GTAV the following Tuesday, i will be occupied with these two till November.

SmokingMonkey1806d ago

I would love a orange and black vita, that I would trade in my 3G/vita

kwiksilver991806d ago

dude.that would be awesome:)

SmokingMonkey1806d ago

Wow great scores keep coming in, after a few low ones dashed out first.

Best handheld FPS ever! Amazing what a second analog stick can do!

AbortMission1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

It's at 78 on metacritic right now. Hopefully it will end up at 85+ later on as more U.S reviews come in.

It's not that I care about sales but other "casual" gamers do. They see the score of a game and they immediately decide whether or not it's worthy of a purchase. Which is a shame but that's how it is

PoSTedUP1806d ago

yeah screw reviews. just from the beta i can tell you this is a stay-up-all-night online experience. idk about story but the gameplay, graphics, hit detection, omgggg. id rather play this than MW3 and i Loved mw3.

kwiksilver991806d ago

i think you mean-
'amazing what a decent dedicated developer can do ,with two analog sticks; :)

DivineAssault 1806d ago

ive seen as many reviews as i need to.. Im buying this game day 1

DivineAssault 1806d ago

I live in the US.. It comes out this tuesday here

RankFTW1806d ago

Oh it isn't out in the US yet :(. Hopefully they fix the multiplayer before then since it's rather broken atm, in fact I've yet to connect to a game.

mafiahajeri1806d ago

Lmao feels weird when games arrive late in the US, usually the other way round...

Angerfist1806d ago

Idk if Killzone will sell anything if uncharted didnt or some other big franchise, sad to see Vita being almost non existend in the public and sad to see that Sony created such a monster and just couldnt get it off ground, maybe San Andreas HD, GT6 or a fully fledged COD could help

mafiahajeri1806d ago

Uncharted sold well, so did assassins creed. Cut back on the assumptions = facts please... The vita has already had its fill of BS bad press from "journalists"


sdozzo1806d ago

C'mon, they didn't sell well.

PrimeGrime1806d ago

You say all that and then mention CoD an HD port and GT6 which they said they aren't putting on Vita. Made me LOL.. Just the idea of people thinking Call of Duty is the end all be all for system sellers is laughable.

Out of all the games you could mention, those were it.. Not to be overly rude but you seem pretty narrow minded if that is all you could come up with.

Screw a full fledged Call of Duty, we have Killzone: Mercenary now. Ain't nobody got time for that!

cj1pate1011806d ago

Full fledged call of duty and killzone lol dude the only good kz was 2 everything after has been shit and will be shit. Also your comparing two games that play exactly the same kz is tech a cod clone not a halo clone.

PrimeGrime1806d ago


Lol Killzone plays like Call of Duty. That is funny, you must not play either of them then.

Angerfist1806d ago

sdozzo, this is N4PSG after all, i see no Vitas in Public, and i say KZ is not a system seller besides Playstation Fans, and thats what its about.

And for the Uncharted Game, its the best launch game and its the obvious choice if you get the system, this was no miracle.

mafiahajeri1806d ago

That's besides the point big games are selling well just like I showed you in the links especially with assassins creed, what's your excuse for that? Lol really low to resort to the N4PSGA crap. Stick to the discussion with facts that you obviously can't provide except for your "I don't see any in public" lol.

The problem with the vita is that there is no support from 3rd party devs mainly because they don't wont to take risks, Sony is in part to blame for the low install base. Be it the marketing of the device or the lack of 1st party games in the couple of months after launch. The devs have taken risks have done well. Gearbox is brining borderland 2 over and Kevin Levine wants bioshock on the vita.

Sales are on the rise and with the price cut, it's not all doom and gloom with the vita.

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