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Prohero writes "If you are thinking to buy a Vita, you should also look for this title."

"We're hoping to see more amazing games for this handheld."

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3-4-51779d ago

Great. finally a good handheld shooter.

Perjoss1778d ago

Unit 13 is fantastic too.

0ut1awed1778d ago

It's not nearly as pretty and without pvp multiplayer though.

Pillsbury11779d ago

This has been getting good reviews everywhere. I have been playing the killzone multiplayer beta and it is very fun. Best handheld multiplayer shooter Hands down.

Clover9041779d ago

Just a few more days :D

rambi801779d ago

The campaign is said to be quite short. So buyer beware from that standpoint.I really hope this game sells well for the sake of getting 3rd party support

chestnut11221779d ago

Mercenaries coming from it's title means it focus more on side quests and Multiplayer the Most. And the Beta is all about MP. Beside FPS games are all short. tell me an FPS game which exceeds maximum of 10 hours +.

rambi801779d ago

Unless i'm mistaken, reviews have the campaign at 4hrs, which is below par for a shooter. if i am mistaken then thats good news for me....not much of a multiplayer fan.

chestnut11221779d ago

The campaign is short but there is a lot to do with this game thankz to contracts MP etc., You have different objectives to do. Just like Resident Evil Mercenaries for example. And we should wait for the patch and updates coming.

Elimin81778d ago

Lol.. KZ1... That shit was hella looooong and dragged.. but hey!

teedogg801778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I'm gonna spend a lot of time just looking at the detail they managed to pull off.

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