Microsoft Screws Gamers

Gameplayer examines how the recent move by Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP will affect gamers in the long run, ultimately suggesting that this is the first step to a future of paying to play PC games.

"Last week we wrote an article that argued how Rockstar had Screwed Microsoft by facilitating a bundle deal with Sony for a console and GTA IV. This week it appears that Microsoft may have joined in on the orgy, although it is not a corporate competitor they're bending over the bandwagon, its gamers. As you may have heard, as of June 30, Windows XP will no longer be on sale: it'll be Windows Vista or bust."

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GutZ313897d ago

Please Bill, stop the insanity at Microsoft that is Vista!

Warbletot3897d ago

There's far too much screwing going on here Bill...

jadenkorri3897d ago

xbox live works, regardless of what everyone thinks, gamers are dumb enough to pay to play..its not enough that we bought the game, now we have to pay for monthly subscriptions, it will port over to pc eventually and developers will follow suit and go with MS on sucks bad yeah, can you imagine playing StarCraft 2 and have to pay to play it online...its gonna be the game MS will start with cause they know we will all pay to play that game, and the list will continue down a road that I don't like... I love free PC GAMING and love the Sony for sticking to having fun and keeping online play FREE.. In the end thou the gaming community may voice it opinion, but MS will ignore them and won't care and know that most will follow suit and pay to play...its sad but true and tis going to happen...

gogators3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

the networks you play on operate for free. None of the energy and maintenance for those networks are free. I figured someday companies would start charging and it would be in either form of pay a fee or get stuck with advertising or a little of both. Server infrastructure costs money and with games getting bigger and better, cost will go up. While you can argue that some companies care and some companies don't care about their customers, I can't imagine a company that doesn't care about their bottom line. All you can do is speak with you wallet and not support companies that do things you don't agree with.

Richdad3897d ago

The article is itself complete stupidity that MS is droping Xp in favour of 360. Heck Xp is not just for games. Yeah they are dropping it bad thing but for 360 its stupidity to say so.

SlappingOysters3897d ago

Is so you might want to try again. Becuase you totally got it wrong

Montrealien3897d ago

All I know is, I got Vista and is works fine, this article is opinion not fact. And there where plenty of articles like this when XP itself came out and the previous other platform where being dropped.

All I see is
QQQ, XP will be gone!

QQQ I never knew MS dropped the older windows because I'm way too young. this is my first time, and I'm mad!

QQQ They must be concentrating on 360, YEAH! thats it!! Damn MS!
*shakes fist at screen*

I'm gonna write me a crazy opinion piece that will both please, and displease many people!

juuken3897d ago

Don't just blink, do something!

DeadlyFire3897d ago

@ 1.4 - Utter BS. People will not pay to play every single game. Reason why Games for Windows Live Silver Free online PC to PC play is FREE. They will try to push people to pay to play but the PC community will not do it unless Microsoft starts running some game servers for the PC Community like what they are doing with X-box Live, but for the PC. Then paying to play will be reasonable for all, but it should be an open structure as well allowing for game mods and other things PC users have lived with for the past 10 years.

@ 1.5 - Since when has a game gotten any bigger on the PC? 120 player servers have been around for 5+ years and server costs are all on the consumer. All PC gaming clans and stuff have to pay $40-100 a month for a gaming server for a game and more so for additional games.

@ 1.6 - What kinda crap are you smoking its plain as day. X360 has gotten more new games than the PC and you say they are not favoring the X360?

jadenkorri3897d ago

i agree with you, but a silver account on the 360 only gives you access to updates and down loadable content and you can talk to your friends, but a gold membership allows you to play any online game with anyone, so essentially you are paying to for pc, i know you can get an live account, i am not aware of differences between gold and silver since i haven't signed up to one for pc, but what i was saying earlier is that MS will implement that system to make money....and the PC community will object, i will too, but eventually we won't win, we can't win against a company that large...

MADGameR3897d ago

Bill Gates is a piece of sh**. They are of Roman blood satanic motherf*ckers! 13 original states meant for bad luck. Its on PURPOSE! We are at war on PURPOSE. Its all been done on purpose.

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Lord Anubis3897d ago

little to do with the story but someone at the site should increase the font size.It's understandable they want to fit the most on the body but looking at the small font looses my interest. Also shorten the articles, I don't read pages after pages of articles unless they are about something i like. There's not much reason to write a book about an article.

poos33897d ago


SlappingOysters3897d ago

But good on you for identifying yourself as one of those twats who doesn't read articles before commenting... or even the blurb under the header.

P.S I think your caps lock is on

Hydrolex3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

They are so haughty.

A company that made softwares is now making a console, MP3 player (zune) and ...

I think they will make cars, airplanes, and ... in the future.

GutZ313897d ago

Will that all happen in the year 2000?

jke823897d ago

IN THE YEAR 2000!!!!!

GutZ313897d ago

I'm glad at least one person got my post lol.

Hydrolex3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Mostly they get screwd lol comon, I like Microsoft. That's so mean ahahahah

Is it fair that Rockstar milked 50 Mil from Microsoft and still the PS3 version is going to be better ?

neonchez3897d ago

yes, it is fair. supply and demand, my friend. ms demanded exclusive dlc for gta and rockstar is supplying it. do you really think rockstar wasn't going to take advantage of the situation? thats how a business works. rockstar says 100 million, ms says 10 million. they haggle away at each other until rockstar says "50 million, and not a penny less", ms says "oh, ok."

personally, i don't think ms will make their money back on the dlc but i guess if ms didn't think so they would have told rockstar to go screw themselves.

Ghost-Face3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Yea, I don't know about you but I won't risk flying in a Microsoft airplane... ; )

Obama3897d ago

and the coffin will only be avaliable after 3 weeks.

Kain813897d ago

its loud like a airplane so many customers would think there are real engines lol

juuken3897d ago

Lmfao, I laughed out loud at that.

Figboy3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Ghost, Hydro, and Obama, you all get agrees and bubbles for that three hit combo. lol

theredfoxisquick3897d ago

Haha good one. I can just imagine the pilot, "WTF is this! I never heard about any three red lights in flight scho........"

Bubble Buddy3897d ago

Yo Bubbles for everyone, made me actually laugh out loud.

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