New trade in price comparison with a difference

"Power Trade In" is a trade in price comparison that includes consoles, games and related items. They're unique in that they only send members links to products that are cheap enough to Trade In for cash profit of a greater value than their original cost. This is somewhat controversial as it has a very real impact on the second hand gaming market.

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JustPlay41721d ago

Ok, did anyone read it because I don't get it
(must can't read today}

TheKingWilliamV1721d ago

I believe its saying that by subscribing to "Power Trade In" they have a feature that alerts you with the time and location where you can get the most for your trade in. I could be wrong but thats what i got out of it

crxss1721d ago

how did this get approved...?

fattyuk1721d ago

No,you pay for them to tell you where you can buy stuff to sell on for a profit via trade in.

So if say amazon was offering £10 trade in for assassina creed 3 and you can buy assassins creed 3 from GAME for £8, this site would email you, and you could make £2 profit by buying it and trading it in.

Seriously big waste of time and effort.

Xof1720d ago

If you give me £20, I'll tell you how to save £5.

plmkoh1721d ago

Just some service where you pay 30 pounds a year where you can request a report from them about where's the best place to sell your stuff.

mydyingparadiselost1721d ago

That's pretty interesting, too bad it's only in Britain.

sGIBMBR1721d ago

It's £30 per year, you're not missing out...

devwan1721d ago

Smells like another scam site.

fattyuk1721d ago

lol what a waste of time.

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