PlayStation Blog: Resistance 2: "It Begins" - Further Details

James Stevenson, Community Relations Manager at Insomniac Games via Playstation Blog writes: "Hey everyone! We've been working hard getting Resistance 2 ready for its fall release. Right now we're play-testing 60-player multiplayer and eight-player co-op daily, while tweaking sections of our single-player levels. Needless to say, the game is rapidly progressing and every time we play there are new assets and tech going in.

We're not quite ready to take the lid off the new stuff we're developing (there's quite a lot!). But in the meantime, we did want to share with you a teaser trailer we've been using internally. Titled "It Begins," the trailer discloses some new hints about R2 story direction that I won't spoil for you here.

But the best part is that we tell you exactly when we're going to deliver more – much more. The next trailer and worldwide gameplay footage debut will be on the June 13th episode of Gametrailers TV with Geoff Keighley (it's a full episode covering R2). Check out the April 17th Full Moon Show Podcast ( for more details about the teaser and about R2."

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Marceles3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Time to finally CONFIRM that it's indeed in-game from the devs themselves so we can squash all the bickering and doubt in the previous threads.

Everyone's been asking the question, now we wait..........

BilI Gates3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Anybody that played Ratchet & Clank Future: TOD knows that the teaser was running in real-time. Everybody else is in denial.

Resistance 2 is already their 3rd PS3 game. At this point they know the PS3 hardware better than most but Guerilla knows more. Proof? Lol you'll see.

Lord Anubis3563d ago

Gotta agree with you billy boy. The game looks alot like Ratchet and clank graphic wise but with a lot of polish and that something extra.

Marceles3563d ago

I agree they're in denial Bill...I just want it to come out of the devs mouths personally so I can hear all the "buh buh"s from the naysayers

pharmd3563d ago

oh yes..... cant wait for June 12th, and NOW June 13th too :)

smart_head3563d ago

I'm almost 100% convinced that the teaser footage was in-engine after observing in-game assets of Resistance and then Ratchet & Clank Future earlier today. You can really see how much of an improvement R&C was over Resistance.

The visuals are absolutely possible. I have no doubt. Besides, someone from Insomniac has already stated that the improvements for at least the next few years will be as huge as it was between Resistance and R&C.

kingOVsticks3563d ago

remember them saying that they were going to use the same graphics engine from ratchet and clank TOD for resistance 2.

CViper3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

They will probably say "Stay on topic." Instead of a simple YES its in game. They KNOW there is scuttlebutt about it. 90 people have asked on the blog.. Lets see what they do.

This will be very interesting. Its going to be a unfortunate fanboy wrestlemania fest if it turns out that Insomniac made a cgi teaser.

(gets popcorn)



YA The owner guy said that during an interview. FTOD was using the current build of the Resistance Engine 2 iirc. And that current version created an amazingly large beautifully rendered, great anti aliasing, great loading times, the most action ive seen on screen, kickasstedness... So its not a stretch that this is real.

But there is always that chance.

sonarus3563d ago

It better have been in game. A full episode of gametrailers tv just for resistance 2. Thats pretty confident of them showing it before E3. Taking a whole episode too means they will have lots to show. Since R2 probably won't be shown to a huge extent at E3 probably means sony has bigger things planned for E3 as well.(just wishful thinking really lol)
Can't wait till june now for another reason besides MGS

CViper3563d ago

This is a major first for insomniac. Too bad.

Marceles3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Nah they can't get outta this one lol...95% of the community is asking the question. Everyone else is asking questions no one really cares about at the moment, split-screen multiplayer. It's been 1 hour and 55 comments on the blog and still nothing, maybe they're building suspense. They might even say to wait for their podcast on the 17th from for the answer...

Marceles3563d ago

lmao, yeah you called it CViper, for some reason they're tiptoeing around the land mine field of "in-game teaser" questions, hmmm...*rubs beard in confusion*

Spinner3563d ago

Maybe he's just not allowed to talk about it yet?

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kingOVsticks3563d ago

thats insane the water looked 2 real and there were so many ships flying by. Resistance 2 may actually give killzone 2 a run for its money in the graphics department heck its going to give crysis and any other game with top notch graphics a run for its money xD

Jon86023563d ago's gonna be awesomeness all around...cannot wait to check out the gameplay in june.

gambare3563d ago

That's totally awesome, I can't wait for the next guerrilla titles, if R2 looks insane the next year will totally blow up anything

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