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Nintendo and the Wii U should not be underestimated

The Nintendo Wii U has been hit with a lot of criticism lately. Deservedly so? Maybe. But one thing is clear: the Wii U has an exciting future. (Nintendo, Wii U)

jhoward585  +   690d ago
In some sense I agree with this article. Nintendo and the Wii U should not be underestimated.

Nintendo is the only company in the world that can make people buy their gaming console for one game.

I'm really excited to see what the next metroid and Zelda game look like.
bullymangLer  +   690d ago
sony got me too with the Last Guardian, had to get a ps3 just for. and here I am waiting 4 years later :/
RexFury  +   690d ago
Ouch :/
jhoward585  +   690d ago
yeah,the 5 years wait has definitely made my expectation grew 10 folds.
I Can't wait to play it.
LordDhampire  +   690d ago
lol I forgot about last guardian....

But man nintendo hasn't really been underestimated.....they haven't anything

I don't really think anyone cares about nintendo

nintendo fanboys kinda do there own thing their is no point to post articles about nintendo because if your not a nintendo fan you don't care and if you are a nintendo fan you probably are the one posting the article
Ritsujun  +   690d ago
Yeah, don't underestimate Nintendawg and Wii duUum.
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Parapraxis  +   690d ago
what's your psn?
soultecc  +   690d ago
so you buy a ps3 for the guardian and now it wont come to the ps3 lol. thats sony far ya full of false promises. same thing with ff verses
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UltimateMaster  +   690d ago
I actually like the touchscreen controller.
But I really hope they get a battery that last over 5 hours instead of 2....
Nevers0ft  +   689d ago
lol, I thought I was the only one! TLG was *the* game that would make me buy a PS3 (I loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus)... Suffice to say, I still don't own one :/
PSVita  +   690d ago
I disagree. It's the over older people that are attached to games like Mario and Zelda. Kids growing up now will be more likly to go for COD, GTA, AC etc.... Don't get me wrong Nintendos games are fantastic but they're stuck in the past. The WiiU/N can't survive on on the old exclusive anymore. They MUST have 3rd party support, which they're not getting right now. Once again THEY CAN'T SURVIVE ON THEY'RE OLD EXCULSIVE ANYMORE.
FarginIcehole  +   689d ago
They certainly need 3rd party support, but I disagree with the idea that kids today will more likely go for CoD, GTA, AC etc... Everyone thought the same thing with Doom, but many have moved on and it will be the same with those franchises. They will still have tons of fans...don't get me wrong, but those games just don't carry the fanfare of a classic Mario game and how could they? They release a new one every single year. They might as well call it CoD 2014 for next years release.
dboyc310  +   690d ago
is that so? How come the other past consoles before the wii didn't prove your statement? wii was a success because of the new demographic that was introduce to gaming consoles. You won't be seeing it no more because they moved to their phones and tablets. The franchises could only push the hardware so far. It needs a lot more if it wants to compete with Sony and Microsoft this time around.
jhoward585  +   690d ago

I agree that the Wii was the beginning of something new.
But one things I know about most gamers they always want to go back in to past and reminisce about games that got them in to video games in the first place.

Mario/Zelda/metroid will never be forgotten.
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stuna1  +   690d ago
I don't the WII U has been Under-estimated! Just Under-advertised. I think it's pretty obvious that the WII U is capable of some jaw dropping games, inventive ways of gameplay among other things, but that will come to nought if Nintendo doesn't fine tune their advertising of the system! They need to stop assuming people know what it is they want, and show them why it is they want the WII U.
jhoward585  +   690d ago
Under-advertised is one of the reasons why Nintendo is failing, but the main problem here is Nintendo don't have enough games out for the Wii U. but that won't be enough to keep gamers away from wanting to play Nintendo aaa titles.

My bet is Zelda is going to be a masterpiece and most gamers will run to the store and buy a wii U just to play Zelda. Thats power!
richierich  +   690d ago
How do you think I feel Im still waiting for a FF7 remake
Pillsbury1  +   690d ago
Nintendo has the games that people cannot play anywhere else.
sashimi  +   690d ago
Thanks for stating the obvious -_- This is the console business of course platform holders have games that people cannot play elsewhere, how else are they suppose to sell hardware >.>

Nintendo will be fine regardless if anything the handheld side can always make up for the home console side.
Pillsbury1  +   690d ago
Of course it's the obvious *_* but SOME people seem to still think Nintendo is going to go the way of the dodo. Not gonna happen people. I grew up with super Mario, Zelda and donkey kong and although I don't own a wii u (owned a wii) I realize there will always be a market for them.
arbitor365  +   690d ago
its hard to underestimate a console thats a fourth as powerful as its competitors

jcnba28  +   689d ago
Yes because the console with the most power has always been the most successful.


Why don't you compare Vita hardware to 3DS hardware? Oh wait that's right because 3DS is destroying it in sales.
The_Villager  +   689d ago
Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 yet the PS3 won their gen.

PS3 was much more powerful than the Wii yet the Wii still won last gen.

Power doesn't define success.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   689d ago
Power and price alone can help us to determine which video game console has the best chance for winning it's perspective generation. Example. The Wii Won last console cycle it was the least powerful and least expensive. The home video game console that won the the generation before? The PS2. It was the least powerful video game console and, holy cow! It won it's generation etc.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   689d ago
That's one of the reasons the Wii U will win this eighth generation of video game console's! The Wii U will be the cheapest and least powerful. History tells us this is a win win situation for the Wii U. Well see you in five or six years guys better luck next time!
rambi80  +   690d ago
they drop the tablet and hit 200 then yeah,they have a chance. They also need to revise their drm for digital sales and software pricing in general. they just announced a price drop for mario galaxy 2 after i bought max payne for $8 on psn
strigoi814  +   690d ago
Well i dont under estimate the wiiU or Nintendo, its just that im so busy counting days til Nov.15 comes
MadMen  +   690d ago
The WiiU is dead.

Nintendo itself, is still in great shape.
PopRocks359  +   690d ago
I should keep a tally of these.
luffyman   690d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   690d ago
The Wii U Is A Truly Powerful HD Console
D_RoyJenkins  +   690d ago
The Wii U will be another GameCube, Nintendo will be lucky if they make a profit off of it. All Nintendo has going for it is their handhelds
deafdani  +   689d ago
Nintendo made a profit from the Gamecube, despite its relatively low sales.

The original Xbox sold a bit better than the Cube, but Microsoft lost billions of dollars with that console nonetheless.

If the Wii U becomes another Cube, fine. It will still be profitable for Nintendo, and it will still have a lot of good games. I would be more worried if it came closer to a Virtual Boy scenario, and that is not very likely to happen.
D_RoyJenkins  +   689d ago
That'd be fine indeed. I like the way the gaming industry is with Nintendo having the smallest amount of market share.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   689d ago
You dream.
-EvoAnubis-  +   690d ago
Here's the thing. This guy is an old school gamer - like me - who's been gaming since at least what, roundabout the third generation? Gamers like us have fond memories of things like Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and so on. Nintendo depends on that nostalgia, which is why they maintain those franchises so strongly. They knew that's what we grew up playing, so making more things like that is what we want.

The thing that neither they nor this guy are taking into account is that gamers are changing. By and large, the majority of today's gamers started in or about the fifth generation. It wasn't about Mario and Zelda for them; it was GoldenEye, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, and so on. That's what THEY grew up on; the classic Nintendo franchises don't hold the same weight with them. You come at them with Mario Kart 8 and a new Zelda or whatever, and if you put it in front of them they'll play it, but those aren't the games they get excited about.

He might like the fact that Nintendo is sticking to what they've always done, but them doing just that is EXACTLY what's going to kill them. They need fresh ideas, new IPs, and new strategies if they hope to still be relevant in this next console cycle because I'll tell you this right now: When it comes to the eighth generation console race right now, nobody gives a shit about Nintendo.
BOWZER35  +   690d ago
Not going to lie, the Wii U does make me feel like im going old school, and that´s why I love it. I wouldn't say its for everyone but im married so I can pull it off. Im only 21 but dang it feels like im enjoying video games again.
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-EvoAnubis-  +   690d ago
And that right there is actually apart of their problem. Buying a console in the eighth generation should NOT feel like you're going old-school, but that's exactly what they're going for. That's a niche market at best, and Nintendo can't hang with the big boys going after a niche market.
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RexFury  +   689d ago
@-EvoAnubis- They are not trying to hang with the Big Boys. This is why they opted to release a console that is nowhere near the power of the Xbox One or PS4. They are going down their own path, which is what I like personally. There is no need for 3 consoles all doing the same thing.
BOWZER35  +   689d ago
Ya your're totally right.
deafdani  +   689d ago
My 10 year old niece LOVES her Wii to death. She didn't grow up on Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, etc. And her mommy sure as hell ain't buying her these games.

You seem to be forgetting about that market, which is HUGE. And it remains a fact that Nintendo has the most family-friendly image of all three, and if they keep said image, they will be just fine with their home consoles.

Of course it would be great if Nintendo invested in more new IPs, but even if they did, they would most likely go for more family friendly IPs, not the mature route. Like they did with Wonderful 101 (which I recently learned that it is, in fact, owned by Nintendo, contrary to what I believed before).

For me, that's great. I don't want all companies to offer the same, I want them to differentiate themselves from each other. I find the consoles enticing for different reasons. I bought a Wii U for the kind of unique fun that Nintendo is so great at: Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, etc.

And I will buy a PS4 later mainly for Infamous, and whatever games Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog will be cooking for it.

"Nobody gives a shit about Nintendo", you say. I say you're judging way too prematurely.
-EvoAnubis-  +   689d ago
Judging prematurely? Dude, the Wii U came out nearly two years ago and is right now sitting in less households than the Kinect is. I'll say that again: Microsoft sold FIVE TIMES more accessories for a console than Nintendo sold actual consoles, and we're almost two years past launch. How am I judging "prematurely" this far into the game?

Also, if you're going to quote me, feel free to use the ENTIRE actual quote. I didn't say that nobody give a shit about Nintendo; I said that as far as the 8th gen console race is concerned nobody gives a shit about Nintendo, and that's just a simple fact. Nintendo is NOT in this race.

I'm all for family-friendly new IPs. All I'm saying is that Nintendo needs 'em, and they need 'em a lot. Nostalgia isn't going to translate into money forever.
Jay70sgamer  +   689d ago
@EvoAnus...I can clearly see you don't know what you are talking about... you stated the wii u came out nearly two years ago....news flash wii u has only been out almost 10 months smh ...gets your facts right before you make a comment and make a fool out of yourself .....and yes it is way too early to predict how the wii u is gonna do when super smash ,mario kart(sold 34,000,000 units on wii) and Zelda wii u hasn't come out yet now after all them games release and it doesn't sell then they might be in trouble ...wii u is gonna be fine it's gonna be the primary or alternate console to Playstation 4,Xbox one or P.C. Just like last generation because you can only play them games I mentioned above only on wii u ...
-EvoAnubis-  +   689d ago
@Jay70sgamer: You're right - I was thinking about the original announcement and must have gotten it confused with the launch date. That's what I get for staying up all night, but there's no reason to be a dick about it.

How much would you like to bet that the PS4 has double the sold consoles at 10 months after its launch than the Wii U has right now?

I get that Nintendo fans are a rabid bunch, but if people are really straight up denying that there are issues here that Nintendo needs to fix and fix quickly, I guess time will tell this story for me.

I'll tell you all what; let's revisit this in a year and see what's what then. Maybe then you'll start understanding my point.
deafdani  +   688d ago
Ok, other people already pointed out to you that we're not even a full year into the Wii U's lifespan, let alone two.

Anyway, so what if Sony sells double the amount of PS4s in the first 10 months than Nintendo sold Wii U's? Does that automatically means that one company or the other is out of the race?

The first year of a system is hardly, and rarely, an indicator of how it will fare on its lifetime. If it was, the PS3 should have flopped, because its first year in the market was AWFUL. It sold pretty poorly, and on its first year, the "PS3 HAZ NO GAEMZ" was a recurring joke in the internet.

Same goes for the 3DS's first year in the market.

And, conversely, the Dreamcast's first year in the market was actually pretty good, with a superb launch, good sales after that, and a good supply of games. And yet it went exctinct shortly after that.

This is why I'm saying you're judging way too prematurely, and I stand by my point. Right now, there's about 3.5 million Wii U's in the wild. It's not as good as Nintendo expected to sell initially - they had a initial sales prospect of 5 million on its first year, then they lowered it to 4 million; but, as you can see, it's also nowhere near the catastrophe that a lot of people claims it to be. It's doing bad as of now, but that can change.

And you are definitely underestimating the power of Nintendo's own IPs. Everyone knows who Mario is, and same goes for Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo has a brand presence in many of their IPs that neither Sony nor Microsoft can match. The closest they can come is Sony's Gran Turismo franchise, and Microsoft's Halo, and even though both IPs sell pretty damn well, even those don't have the attach rate of Nintendo's most popular IPs.

Nostalgia is a big factor for Nintendo's success, that's true, but it's not the only one, nor is it necessarily the most important. Nice feelings for good times past can only take you so far. It's also the fact that Nintendo's own games usually are of very high quality, and the main public trusts their games because they remain consistently fun.

And sorry for not quoting you using the full context; for me it was more than obvious that you were talking about the home console department, nothing else, so I replied to you with that mindset. I know pretty well we're not talking about handhelds or something else.

So, you say: Nobody gives a shit about Nintendo, when it comes to the new generation of consoles. To that, I reply: you're wrong. 3 million and half consoles sold with not much to offer in terms of game library is really not that bad of a number. Do you really think the install base won't grow considerably once Nintendo's best games are out and about, and after a price cut?

Please don't be fooled by the sold-out preorders of both the PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U's preorders also sold out on the months leading to its release...

Again: don't be so hasty to judge.
barb_wire  +   690d ago
Depends who you listen too.. Nintendo forecast that they would sell 5.5mil Wii U in it's first year.. not long after launch that lowered that number to 4mil.. as of now it's sold 3.45mil since launch. Not bad numbers but not great either.

Something has to change, whether a price drop or just simply getting the games out, the longer they wait the harder it's going to get for them.
Jay70sgamer  +   690d ago
They already have a price drop and software drought is over ....wii u will be fine and they have sold 3,600,000 million units just saying ...that is great considering they hardly had any games since launch and no real AAA titles
AJBACK2FRAG  +   689d ago
Miiverse to me is the killer app. There's alot of Wii U owners that don't even play games any more! They're on the Miiverse! Definitely a brilliant addition to the package and best of all free free free!
nigelp520  +   690d ago
Nintendo promised a hardcore system. Thats not what they released. Needed a better hardware and a better launch

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