GamesRadar: The Top 7... Articles we wish we'd thought of - Brilliant stuff the competition got to first

GamesRadar writes: "You may not believe this, but sometimes other websites have ideas that are just as good as the ones we think of. Of course, they aren't always as good, and some would grumble and gripe over how our articles that are unique and deserving don't always get the attention we think that they should. However, being the progressively thinking website that we are, we get over it and understand that there are plenty of other things on the internet that are worthy of our precious time.

This is a list of features that we stumbled across and thought, "damn it, now I can't write this." Every one of these are from sites that we are in no way affiliated with, but we just can't help but want to share them because they're The top 7 articles we wish we'd thought of first. So you'd better enjoy them, because it doesn't help us out at all when you read them."

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sonarus3871d ago

wow now there is a top list for top lists. These game sites just love these top lists

Breakfast3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Top 5 Sonarus comments of the day.

5. "Another day another vgchartz sales report. I ask this question every week with hopes of getting an answer. WTF is "other" region. There is other EU ps3 outsells 360 here but there is this random "other" i suspect they pull out from their a$$es and 360 is always second in sales there."

4. "Hahaha for a sec i thought the mart had developed a sense of humor. Realistically though, that guy is a LEGEND. I mean there are probably like 6 or 7 accounts made in his honor. I wish i had such fame:("

3. "Well as long as it does the exact same stuff as the old stuff did plus more its good rithens or however it is you spell that"

2. "wow now there is a top list for top lists. These game sites just love these top lists"

1. "Yea i have to admit, playstation fans are getting terribly arrogant. Last yr we were so humble lol look at us now. Year of the playstation b!tch lol."

Whoooop3871d ago

how bout:

Top 5 credits font on video games...

or maybe:

Top 5 plastic cover scent in gaming history...

SL1M DADDY3871d ago

Sorry, but I couldn't even bring myself to read this article all the way through. I mean come on, top five articles?