Game Tangents | 10 Games that Define My Childhood – Nick

Game Tangents get's to know their editors by asking them, What 10 games define your childhood? Here's Nick's answers

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mania5681721d ago

this were pretty much the games i played as a child
1 pokemon blue
2 pokemon red
3 pokemon yellow
4 pokemon gold
5 pokemon ruby
6 pokemon emerald
and now im waiting for pokemon x y

gametangents1721d ago

I have played every generation and every game except for Crystal unfortunately. I still love Gold/Silver to this day.

3-4-51721d ago

Too many games to list. A lot of N64/NES/SNES/Sega Genesis stuff though.

reef10171721d ago

Yeah Pokemon ate up a lot of my childhood. So many dead batteries.....

Williamson1721d ago

Never expected to go to kanto in gold/silver, made the game way more epic!

asiatico1721d ago

Gold was the first experience I remember from pokemon. I remember that I didn't even know how to exit the house at first it took me a few hours to figure out the carpet is the exit. So dumb lol

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