Hideo Kojima Explains Quiet, Blames Backlash on Cultural Differences, Details MGS5's Themes

In the past few days many have criticized Hideo Kojoma for his portrayal of Quiet, that some considered oversexualized and sexist. The legendary developer doesn’t seem to be concerned and has no intention to go down without a fight. He gives an interesting explanation on the design philosophy behind the character and of the themes supporting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Update: Kojima posted his own English translation of the first tweet. The post has been updated with it, replacing the Japanese original

Update 2: the second tweet has always been translated to English by Kojima himself, and added to the article.

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Axisian1692d ago

...Even though we've seen the character having some skin-altering abilities to camouflage herself.

People just like to moan about everything.

Army_of_Darkness1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

There is no cultural differences when it comes to sexy half naked girls!? Real men love that shit no matter what shape, size or ethnicity they may be :-D
It's just that the U.S has more cry babies that have nothing better to do that's all.

DragonKnight1692d ago

That's the cultural difference though. The U.S. was founded on Puritan ideologies that permeated the culture and exist in some form even today. Conversely, if you look at Japan's history in terms of sex and sexuality, they were far less conservative in their past than they are now. And even now they are only publicly conservative, but privately?...

Concertoine1692d ago

i dont think its a matter of being a "real man"
some people just dont like provocative character models. some like female characters with designs that leave more to the imagination.
im not trying to say "CHANGE IT" because kojima said it fit with the character in a way, im just saying at first glance im not a fan of it. this doesn't make me a "cry baby", a feminazi, a homosexual, or a masochistic woman worshipper. it makes me not a fan of a design.

Winter47th1692d ago

He said "I want to make my characters EROTIC so their figures would sell better".

No cultural difference, just objectifying based on sex appeal. Take it as you want, but that's basically what pimps do as well.

Irishguy951692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Culturally, there is massive difference of Reaction due to this stuff @ Winter. Japan don't give a **** about 'objectifying based on sex appeal' and the US do. How this came to be? Christianity versus Shintoism and Buddhism. The values still fall through to today.

"Take it as you want, but that's basically what pimps do as well." Lol, yes, quiet is a real person who gets ****ed for money. Poor girl.

Bimkoblerutso1692d ago

...I am a real man. I like looking at female sexiness just like any other heterosexual man.

But I DON'T necessarily want that when I'm playing a game designed to sell me on an artistic vision. If something seems like it was shoehorned in for the sake of shallowly appealing to a specific demographic (as sexuality so often is), then yes, it offends me not as a man, but as a consumer.

All that being said though, this particular example isn't as ridiculous as people are making it seem, especially now that Kojima has explained that she has a camouflaging ability that benefits from her near-nudity.

CryofSilence1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Just watch this:

She is the one being tortured at the beginning. Real MGS fans never doubted Kojima's ability to design good characters. If I had to guess, her design is made to make you feel guilt about the exploitation of women. At the very least, we should reserve judgment for when it is due.

"Quiet, a sniper deprived of her words."

aCasualGamer1692d ago

Kojima is a true artist, what he does few people are able to understand. But those who do, can see the genius thought behind it.

I think it's his creative choice to do whatever suits his story best, if you don't like it then don't buy it.

kparks1692d ago

Dont hear anyone complaining about those bod spray commercials where the women is rubbing all over the ripped guy wearing nothing but shorts going "i want ur bod" but put a girl in a video game trailer and shit hits the fan! Yup makes complete sense

SilentNegotiator1691d ago


...did you seriously just compare showing off sexy character models to PIMPING?!

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Aceman181692d ago

Kojima-san you don't have to explain a damn thing to these whiny complainers. i've always loved your designs, and will continue to love them.

stuff1692d ago


Haters gonna hate. Those other third-party devs just put in their two-cents for no reason. MGSV is going to sell like oxygen on Mars either way.

Kojima has always had unique characters with amazing backstories and I have always loved them. MGS is the only game where I've cared to know every detail about the other characters/enemies.

PSjesus1692d ago

Any one watched the MGS3 documentary with (Subsistence collection)

the original design for the Boss is topless(or one side i think )and the head of the snake scar is on her breast and they called her (laughing Cobra) because when she shoot by machine-gun her breast bounce and looks like the snake is laughing.

but then Kojima changed it completely because of cultural difference

Ratty1691d ago

I've seen that too. It was interesting. Kind of wished it would have been in the full game.

Evilsnuggle1692d ago

America are just a bunch of crying school girls. ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME!!!!!

Aceman181692d ago

i'm american and i love this design, i've always loved Kojima-san designs. it's really sad how that DB from 343 complained about something that's not even that damn serious.

actually anyone who is complaining about this design really have nothing better to do with themselves imo.

mario191692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

If it is just a video game to you would you rather play as lara croft with square shaped boobs or with natural and more realistic looking boobs. Last time I checked character models are important in almost every video game that uses them. In this case the complaint is more towards her butt. So would you rather play as a women with no butt rather then one that has a nice curve to it?

Elit3Nick1692d ago

Is that really confirmed? I though during the trailer that it was strange that the black around her eyes disappeared, because it didn't look like shadows. Good catch none-the-less.

MizTv1692d ago

I like why I see so far
Bring on mgs5

THamm1692d ago

I saw worse on MTV. Total degrading of women for money.

N81692d ago

Yeah I knew someone said there was a reason for it. It's a game... She's a fake half naked women big deal

nosferatuzodd1691d ago

indeed If video games are ever going to be considered "art" it's going to need more people like Kojima
who don't back down because hypocrites who called their self game developers who are living off past games success and talking like the other idiots from fax5 who blame videogames for anytime a careless person get a gun and go on a rampage

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ZodTheRipper1692d ago

He shouldn't have to explain this in the first place. People complaining about this character model probably haven't played MGS before ...and exactly those are the same that prevent games from being accepted as art.

uncharted561692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

People didn't had a issue with mgs 4. Its just that after you get games like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite which represent woman in a different light and do justice with their characters and then you see shit like this especially from Kojima who has praised these games it's kind of heartbreaking. It also shows gamers are maturing and don't necessarily want sexism in their games and don't expect it from a game veteran like Kojima. For me personally I find that outfit a little disturbing too. Could had definitely made it a little less extreme and ppl would had been fine with it.

DragonKnight1692d ago

There's no frickin' sexism here and not wanting gorgeous women dressed in sexy outfits is not a sign of maturity.

For goodness sake people don't know what maturity is. It ISN'T demanding that themes be altered to fit personal tastes, it IS accepting all themes and simply ignoring those that don't suit your own tastes.

Imalwaysright1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"which represent woman in a different light and do justice with their characters" You obviously haven't played MGS3. The Boss is by far the most strong and charismatic female character in videogames.

stuff1692d ago

Question: Is anytime in which a woman is not fully dressed, in a form of media, considered sexist? Should all women just where the hijab and men only be allowed to have a beard if they are married? Should there not be any guns in MGSV so as not to promote violence? Gelassenheit for its all?

I support people living and believing what they will. What I don't support is people trying to force their will on others. Whether through violence, peaceful protest, or fear campaigning; they create the same levels of resentment and rejection from me. If you don't like how something is done don't buy it, but don't try to force a change. Especially for something that won't actually make a difference in how you may live.

Baka-akaB1692d ago

That's funny considering most female characters of the MGS mytho are treated fairly well and rather strong willed and as people love to say independant .

None of them were damsels in distress , nor pimping themselves

KoolSaladBro1692d ago

Because Kojima has never done something like this before right? Not with Fortune, the fact that the Beauty and the Beast Unit are models. Not even when you played as Raiden naked and you could cartwheel.
I can tell people like you have never fully experienced an MGS game.

elnacho1691d ago

@Uncharted56: totally with you on that. People who reply that "Kojima has done this before, so it's not a problem" are missing the point: the video game industry has evolved in the past 10 years and what was valid for MGS3 might be irrelevant today. Games such as The Last Of US, or even the last Tomb Raider, show us that the industry as a whole is evolving, that there can be strong female characters that don't wear (only) a G-string and fishnets in the middle of a war.

It's also concerning that some people are still trying to defend Kojima's artistic integrity on this one, when the man himself said he did this to "sell more figurines". So give whatever justification you want, at the end of the day the character model was revealed exactly to sell more goodies, and that's what it's gonna do, so I laugh when I read about "Kojima's integrity".

Kojima can change the story all he wants, his first statement was that it would help make more money.

So, people who mention "Kojima's artistic integrity" as a point for their argument can be dismissed. This leaves very few people with valid arguments on the subject trying to defend the man.

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OrangePowerz1692d ago

I played all MGS games including the PSP games and that character design tops the list. In previous games the characetrs had at least proper pants on while showing some cleavage except Fortune in MGS2 but she was invincible so she didn`t had to worry about wearing something that isn`t practical for gun fights or crawling around on the floor.

If I would see quiet in a Desert during a gun fight I would laugh at her for how unpractical she dresses unless she was working under cover as a hooker because that`s how she looks like.

ZodTheRipper1692d ago

I'd love to hear your honest opinion on her after you've played the game.

OrangePowerz1692d ago

My opinion will still be that the outfit is horrible for somebody fighting in a war scenario. I was always looking forward a lot to MGS games, but with each news piece on the game my interest in MGS5 get`s lower.

ginsunuva1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

EVA in mgs3 says hi.

And the beauties.

And the locker posters.

TongkatAli1692d ago

Dragon's Crown and now this.

adorie1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

God almighty, That Witch in Dragon's Crown makes my back hurt every time I look at her. :P

[email protected] I guess it's all my imagination.
The Disagrees, or people behind them rather are people who know me better than i know myself. Awesome, either way. :)

DragonKnight1692d ago

@adorie: You get an agree and a +Bubble from me for talking about Dragon's Crown in humour rather than in feminism. Why? Well you're probably a regular woman who has more important things to think about than the size of a fictional character's breasts.

PSjesus1692d ago

yet nobody complain about Kratos or other naked men.
double standard
yet in real life women wearing bikini every where
while men cover most of their body

OrangePowerz1692d ago

Well the dress code of Kratos would be more realistic for a Spartan compared to the dress code for somebody who is going into a fire fight in a desert area where you are likely to have to crawl on the ground to evade being spotted by enemies or try not to get a horrible sun burn all over your body.

PSjesus1692d ago

her skin change color as camouflage

Baka-akaB1692d ago

" the dress code of Kratos would be more realistic for a Spartan"

Except it's not . They had leather , bronze armor cuirass , basically the regular stuff greek hoplite would wear . It's movies and games that wanna pictures half naked badasses

OrangePowerz1692d ago


If you run around in a desert like area where sandstorms are possible you want mpre than changin skin colour when little stomes fly at you.


I said more realstic compared to the outfit Quiet wears. It's as supid as Rambo running around half naked in a war scenario.

Baka-akaB1692d ago

But it's not even that . The guys is not even protected and half naked most times .. kratos is pretty rambo from your scenario.

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vishmarx1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

im still not understanding all the criticism.we saw quiet back at e3/still looks same
also its kinda odd how alot of devs seem to have the exact same opinion.
tomb raider(how was that any less obscene,if thats what you call it),bf4,343....

EdoubleD1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

He shouldn't have to explain anything.

They can all fuck off.

They could have reacted at E3 but why now?

Abriael1692d ago

Probably because at E3 there were too many news to write, now it's a period with quite a few slow news days.

EdoubleD1692d ago

Just goes to show the white knights/feminazis were in luck when this trailer arrived.

I figured there is a reason why Quiet looks the way she does. I'm confused but I am willing to wait and see why. Not jump the gun like many did.

Shadonic1692d ago

Because... they don't even know.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1692d ago

Sad thing about it is, the gaming community wasn't pay ANY attention to this until adam sessler bros b4 hoes trophy rant smh.

What with hip hop vids, big budget hollywood movies with softcore porn scence and free internet porn, how can you even look at gaming? go play metro last light on pc now that's awesom I mean awful.

wishingW3L1692d ago

most people didn't know that was going to be her outfit through all the game until Kojima started to hype her looks on twitter.

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