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Next-Gen Graphics That Will Blow Your Mind

IGN - Killzone, Titanfall, PS4, Xbox One - the future is now, and it's beautiful. (PS4, Xbox One)

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-Mezzo-  +   541d ago | Well said
Cannot wait to get my bundle.

-Battlefield 4
-COD: Ghosts
-Killzone: Shadow Fall
-Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

All paid for.
HammadTheBeast  +   541d ago
I'm guessing all those months of being top news contributor are finally paying off lol.
-Mezzo-  +   541d ago
Your guess is correct my friend.

N4G Has funded This Bundle.
abzdine  +   541d ago
what's the point of having 3 FPS the same day?
i'll be getting Killzone and Knack.

Great video, gives a glimpse of the greatness that awaits us!
November 29 cannot come soon enough
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GiggMan  +   541d ago
Battlefield 4: for online Multiplayer and battles

Call of Duty Ghost: for local split screen multiplayer with the family and friends

Killzone SF: for that awesome next gen feeling.

I'm mostly looking forward to Killzone but will find time for the others.
PhinneousD  +   540d ago
Knack wasn't even featured in this video bc it's a crap game.
OlgerO  +   541d ago
Awesome, all that im able to fund will be a PS4 and psplus, but that gets me resogun and driveclub plus some free to plays
GamerGuy153  +   540d ago
Come on OlgerO, you have to get at least one retail title. You can do it, I know you can!
Next-Gen Blow That Will Graphics Your Mind - fixed..

cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Aceman18  +   541d ago
For me its

KZ Shadow Fall
Drive Club
AC Black Flag
Watch Dogs

And FTP games.

Early next year

Infamous Second Son
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windblowsagain  +   541d ago
Agree except for ghosts.
IMightBeRetarded  +   540d ago
I agree. Why do people keep funding them to make yearly releases of nearly the same game? We should at least demand improvement beyond the crap that we are getting.
Hercules189  +   540d ago
@imightberetarded, some ppl buy cod because atleast they can play with their local friends and family and have fun in the same room, you cant say the same for most of these other games.
YNWA96  +   541d ago
Best part of having next gen on launch day is just having a good look at it up close, seeing what all the ports are for, then wondering where the hell its going to fit into.... Once set up.... Checking out every single menu, the whole tree..... Then finally pulling out a shiny disc, prepared for that 'Awe' effect..... Then your planning excuses for not going to work next day....
StoutBEER  +   541d ago
In a row of what i'm gettin :D
Xbox One
Battlefield 4
The Division

And ill be playing Spark and KI for free. We'll until i inevitably buy Glacius. Dude looks awesome!
So stoked! Glad GTA V is just around the corner or the wait might have been to much to bear.
LordDhampire  +   541d ago
jesus, spread the chesse my friend
RyuCloudStrife  +   540d ago
N4G moneeeyyy congrats! I got KZ:SF and ACIV:BF.
mt  +   540d ago
If I did order 3 FPS just like you I won't have time to play all of them, and I'll be ending up playing one game.
Cable2kx  +   540d ago
Mines is

-Assassin Creed 4
-COD: Ghost
-Watch Dogs Collectors Edition
-NBA 2K14
-Knack (Have not preorder but hoping Black Friday sale)

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ZHZ90  +   540d ago
Mine would be
-Watch Dogs
-Killzone Shadow Fall
-Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

I may also get Knack.

Can someone help which is prefered because IF i had to chose another FPS along KZ:SF:
-Battlefield 4
-COD: Ghosts
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Outsider-G  +   541d ago

-Battlefield 4
-Killzone Shadow Fall
-NBA 2K14
thetruthx1  +   541d ago
Dead Rising 3
And I need help from the community with my third launch day game

1. Watch dogs
2. Killer Instinct
3. NBA 2k14
Outsider-G  +   541d ago
For your third launch game, if you're not too sure, you can wait for reviews.
Umbasa  +   541d ago
I would go for Watch Dogs but that's just me.
HammadTheBeast  +   541d ago
Go for Forza I'd Racing's your thing, or wait for Titanfall.
GmIsOnPt360  +   541d ago
If say KI and watch dogs as KI is 20bucks for all characters (minus bonus skins ) which IMO not worth the extra 20 bucks.
CRAIG667  +   541d ago
But you do get the arcade port of the original too, for me that is worth the extra but that's just me, if not-20 for all 8 season 1 fighters is a great price.
CRAIG667  +   541d ago
Killer Instinct, well at-least try the freebie part, I am buying the whole thing straight off, the amount of positive reactions it's getting from the hardcore fighting community is amazing, I can't wait!!! If that demo doesn't do it for you watch dogs would be my next choice from your short list.

No Forza though?
mario19  +   541d ago
Not everyone is a racing fan..
scott182  +   541d ago
If I was getting an X1 I would get Killer instinct personally, I loved that game back in the day.
GeneralRaam93   541d ago | Spam
abzdine  +   541d ago
you better wait for Ryse reviews before you decide cause so far it's not giving that many positive impression.

You could also get Kinect Sports? :D
BlingBlaine  +   541d ago
PS4 day one I will be playing.

1. WatchDogs (Purchase)
2. Killzone Shadow Fall (Purchase)
3. Warframe (Free to Play)
4. Drive Club (Free PS+)
5. Blacklight Retribution (Free to Play)
6. War Thunder (Free to Play)
7. Battlefield 4 (Gamefly)
8. Assasins Creed Black Flag (Gamefly)

6. Planetside 2 by Xmas (Free to Play) ****My most anticipated****

7. Destiny April '14 (Purchase)
8. The Division April '14 (Gamefly)
saggysack79  +   541d ago
are you sure blacklight, and war thunder are day one,i didnt think they were, but i hope i was very very wrong.
ShwankyShpanky  +   540d ago
I'm not sure about War Thunder, but there's a Blacklight promo on the Store that says the 15th.
LordDhampire  +   541d ago
lol, is that a real question

watch dogs no contest
IanVanCheese  +   540d ago
Watch_Dogs gets my vote. I'll be getting Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3.
SITH  +   540d ago
Watchdogs. You get killer instinct free albeit limited in characters.
Benchm4rk  +   540d ago
Watchdogs that's what I did. Along with COD Ghosts Forza 5 and Battlefield 4
ZHZ90  +   540d ago
You can download KI for free but it's only one character playable(Jago) unless if you want to pay for all characters($20).

But my most prefered in your list of 3rd launch day is WD.
Walker  +   541d ago
killzone: shadow fall and infamous: second son are the best looking launch titles for next generation .
HammadTheBeast  +   541d ago
Well Infamous is launch window.
u got owned  +   541d ago
Infamous is not a launch title
Gozer  +   541d ago
Not to bust your bubble, but Ryse is easily the best looking launch game of the two consoles.
mario19  +   541d ago
Lmfao no it is not. Wait for those reviews buddy
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HammadTheBeast  +   541d ago
Gozer  +   541d ago
You are obviously blind if you think otherwise.
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ZBlacktt  +   541d ago
Hate to say this, but I saw the game in person at PAX. I watched it for a bit and to be absolutely totally honest with you it was not impressive for next Gen. The colors were flat, the textures were flat. It wasn't even put in a booth. But a little mini Island with a few other games. Everyone there agreed. So it wasn't like some fanboy crap people talk about here. Where Killzone SF was super sharp running real time 1080p. It was very detailed and full of color.

But by far the best looking game without a doubt in the world was AC4 BF. I mean it's environment, real time ocean simulator, graphic detail was something I've never seen in a console game. I mean the details are so over the top you'd have to see it to even believe it. Like dolphins randomly swimming by, monkeys in trees, storm rolls in and these massive 30ft swells appear coming at you. You really get a fear feeling seeing it because the water look very real life. Again the whole game plays very very real life and looks real life.
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Statix  +   541d ago
Ryse looks good. Not even close to being the best looking next-gen game though.
cannon8800  +   541d ago
Let them have their opinions about ryse, but I just hope xbox fans don't think that ryse looks that good because of the power of the xbox one. It's running on a multiplatform engine that we all know about and if it was running on pc and ps4; anyone with a brain would know that it would look and run better.
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ZBlacktt  +   541d ago
You must have not seen AC4 BF in person like some of us have. I will say Killzone SF looked very very good. But the game play was inside for the most part with a court yard in the map. I'm sure it will look awesome in other parts of the game where the city comes in to play.

But as it sits right now, nothing even comes close to AC4 BF. That is the best looking realism I've ever seen in a console game. You'd have to see it in person like I have and others have. A real time ocean simulator, a full on real time live environment. The details are so crazy just me explaining them would never do it justice.
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ZBlacktt  +   540d ago
Again, 95% of the people here are going off of Youtube videos. At least some of us have played the games. :/
Bolts  +   540d ago
Killzone looks boring as hell. The gameplay just doesn't compare to BF4 or even Titanfall. At most I will probably rent KZ for the graphics and single player, the online just doesn't justify the purchase.
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mike32UK  +   541d ago
The fact that I have to wait another year or so for the division is absolutely soul destroying
Software_Lover  +   541d ago
You have no idea.
mike32UK  +   541d ago
My top two next gen titles aren't launch titles I'm gutted! The Division and Second son
SITH  +   540d ago
Agreed. Division is going to be a special game.
dragon82  +   540d ago
This is probably my most anticipated game of next gen so far.
Benchm4rk  +   540d ago
Agreed. My top two was The division and Destiny. I don't wanna wait for them to come out
scott182  +   541d ago
I am going to get a PS4 with Killzone, looks amazing.
The only thing I wish is that there were games like total war on consoles.... I loved shogun 2, I would love to play it on a console.
littlezizu  +   541d ago
I will pass and wait till 2014 and enjoy all those games on PS3.
PS3 has best line up 2013 with more exclusive than combined exclusive of next gen ps4 & x1 in 2013.

In terms of exclusives in 2013:
PS3=PC > Ps4,x1 > wii u > ouya=xbox360
Axonometri  +   541d ago
Wow, that video just sold some consoles.
Software_Lover  +   541d ago
No bias............ just a great video full of games, no matter what the console.
Axonometri  +   541d ago
I am looking forward to software on both machines. One most likely before the other and both after a PC upgrade... but Definitely, that showcases just what both new consoles will be delivering.

This Gen should push every platform and... We, the gamers get to reap the benefits.
PositiveEmotions  +   541d ago
I can tell that the ps4 has better graphics :).

But anyways im only gonna get knack thats it and ps plus.
Evilsnuggle  +   541d ago
All the PS4 games are in 1080p 30-60fps and look better than xbone . xbone games are in 720p forza is in 1080p 60fps flat background.
LordDhampire  +   541d ago
No, not all ps4 games are native 1080p, just like xbox one some are 720p
starchild  +   541d ago
Not based on what I have seen. Personally I think multiplats like The Division, MGS5, Battlefield 4 and The Witcher 3 look better than anything.
MasterCornholio  +   541d ago
The only thing i can say after watching this epic video.

Poor Wii U


If only Nintendo went with slightly better hardware they would be able to provide Wii U owners the same experiences as PS4 and XBOX One gamers.
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Axonometri  +   541d ago
The mass majority of consumers buying Nintendo platforms are not concerned about High End graphical output. Nintendo continues to be in a sub-class of console that only it really fits into. They are on their own to make Wii U work.

Where I think Nintendo, as far as consoles go, has an issue this time around... is the fact that the other next-gen machines are very similar to PC and have made a massive leap towards a more universal architecture. This will hurt the Wii U in the fact that it will simply not be able to muscle out ports of the others games as we get further into Development of the other 3 big boys.
MasterCornholio  +   541d ago
Your right. The problem with the Wii U for developers isnt the graphics its the architecture. Because the PS4, XBOX One and PC use an X86 architecture porting between those platforms is relatively easy however since Nintendo went with PowerPC porting from an X86 machine to it will be a lot more difficult. If Nintendo went with X86 developers will have a lot less issues with ports to the console.
superbhoy  +   541d ago
knack and ps plus..... okay... strange combination but okay
dragon82  +   540d ago
I am so on the fence about Knack. On one hand it looks like a rent but on the other hand it brings back memories of old school platformers. I have heard that it will actually be a challenge if played on HARD too.
Sketchy_Galore  +   541d ago
It is definitely worth stopping and thinking as a 'gamer' that we're at the start of another console generation. This kind of thing doesn't happen often. We were all very different people last time this happened and we'll all be very different people next time it happens. It's an exciting time to have gaming as a hobby.
Drasill  +   541d ago
I got Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4 pre-ordered, but I'm still trying to figure out which launch game I want for Xbox One: Dead Rising 3 or Ryse. I think Ryse looks like it may be good, but I'd like to know how long it is.
fpshooter2  +   541d ago
KZ:sf and full version of Driveclub for me at launch. Plus resogun. I cant wait for The Order 1866 gameplay, most definitely picking that up when it comes out.
sigfredod  +   541d ago
What is doing KI on the video?
tucky  +   541d ago
I like how the term "blow your mind" is actually used. It's so overreacting!!!
I have not seen a "blow my mind" thing for so many years ... and it's certainly not the next gen games we already saw that will.
TrollCraftTales  +   541d ago
I am getting BF4, AC4, and Watch_Dogs on launch day, then I will play that and the F2P's until Destiny and Infamous come out, then it's waiting for MGS5, The Order 1886, and the inevitable re-release of GTA5 on Next Gen, it's a good time to be a gamer...
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ZBlacktt  +   541d ago
This is what myself and others who have played on the PS4 have been trying to say all along. I mean AC4 BF is SO damn good looking you just find yourself starring at the environment all around you and feeling like you are in heaven. Youtube videos do Next Gen games zero justice. Greatness awaits people and you will be mind blown at the games.
ILive  +   541d ago
So would you put shadowfall as the second best looking, or are there other games that are also amazing looking?
ZBlacktt  +   540d ago
No and here's why. Given the game demo they set up for people to play. I'm more then certain is not a true indicator of how beautiful that game really is. We've seen the outside world in videos. We've seen some of the city environment. So it all waits to be seen first hand still. Where in AC4, they put a great deal out there and it was absolutely stunning realism. Like easy translated real world environment realism. With so much natural randomness that kept the environment so ever fresh and breath taking. I know each true Next Gen game will bring it's own spec-tactical visuals and features.
lllll-lllll  +   541d ago
Just made a countdown for europe & US (new york time) /check it out @ http://ps4.starthemel.nl/
hadar727  +   541d ago
SatanSki  +   541d ago
It looks more like currentgen.5
Arcanine  +   541d ago
I'm so confused I want to play a game where I can see the amazing differences in the next gen. I love cod or should I say I loved it and I want to see them innovate and experiment with cod more, but if its a visual improvement then that bothers me a lot. I like kill zone , basically the graphics no other shooter can compare, but I hate the controls there is such a lag in the movements. And I just got battlefield 3 to see if I like it but its slowly growing on me. I just hate how all the so called great players don't run around they hide in tanks and choppers.....I'm so lost. And I don't care about watchdogs one bit or assassins creed ...I'll wait for a price drop. Plus is the ps4 going to be great with out a new up to date TV?
ma1asiah  +   540d ago
It depends on what you mean by up to date TV????

If you have an old CRT then no the PS4 nor the X1 for that matter support these aging dinosaurs.

If you are talking an HD ready set that at least supports HDMI then yeah they will look ok

Though if you mean a Plasma, LCD or LED that has come out in the last 2 -3 years then yeah they will look awesome on the PS4 and the X1.
Arcanine  +   540d ago
oh ok, i have a 1080p 32 inch vizio i gt back in 2007.... i guess a little up grade i will need.
mxrider2199  +   541d ago
too many screens of titanfall and not enough of kz sf beauty they showed one piece of SF and it was not even a good shot
stuff  +   541d ago
Killzone day 1
Battlefield day 1
ACIV day 1
Transistor day 1(if launch)

Watchdogs and Knack: I'm on the fence, but I'll get it if the reviews are favorable.
kingduqc  +   541d ago
can't wait to see games looking like waht it did 2 years ago on pc in 1080p 30 fps instead of 2560*1440 in 60 fps ...

TABSF  +   541d ago
Love how half of it just baked trailers and the rest is PC footage LOL.

Okay some Console gameplay lol
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ma1asiah  +   540d ago
X1 Day One Edition brought and paid for

Ryse Son of Rome
Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
FIFA 14 (comes free for us in NZ and Australia who have the X1 pre-ordered)

COD Ghosts mainly for my son and brother in laws

I was seriously considering Battlefield 4 though after I got burnt this gen with Battlefield 3 in respect of badly ported graphics, pathetic piece of drivel they called a single player campaign and a rather boring multiplayer offering at least on console (definitely, preferred Battlefield BC 2 for both single and multi plus far better destructible environments).

I don't know I will more than likely hold judgement until after Battlefield 4 is out. 64 player matches just isn't enough for me to warrant getting this game if it turns out to be too much like Battlefield 3 multiplayer or at least how it was on the X360 and PS3.

Though in terms of my multiplayer fix I probably will just hold out for Titanfall
Rimeskeem  +   540d ago
Funny thing is you dont even need to buy games for ps4 because you are given 7 at launch
AceBlazer13  +   540d ago

Contemplating whether to throw in a next game or start saving for a pc.
vlonjati77vlonjati  +   540d ago
I preordered

I see my self giving still a lot of play time with my ps3 specially (GT6).Oops forgot, have to preorder Beyond Two Souls.
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