Buried Treasure - The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Game Focus writes: "How often is a game considered one of the best on a platform and fails to do well in sales? It is rare to say the least and I can honestly say I had trouble thinking of another game that was so amazing, top five on any console and did not sell well in the last couple of generations on any platform. From Darkness developer Starbreeze (also one of the best 360 First Person Shooters), Riddick is one of those instant classic games that will be playable for years to come."

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Harry1903843d ago

I was blown away by the stuff in there.
Hopefully Dark Athena has not been turned into vapourware.

NO_PUDding3843d ago

This game was so underrated, and Vin Diesel is my deserving Man-crush.

He's a gamer, but he's cool, and he makes the only good film licesnsed games. Spiderman 2 was good, but this was astounding. Loved every second of it, especially the way it actually gives you more information about the film, and the fantastic design and concept, the art was amazing.

I could sing this games praises all day long. Despite quite a few flaws, I will be picking up the PS3 version no doubt, and keeping my eye on Tigon studios.

I Call 9MM3843d ago

This was one great game when it came out. I picked up the PC version and enjoyed virtually every minute of it. It was a little short, but the gameplay was very good and the graphics were superb. The levels were a little boxy looking, but the excellent normal mapping hid that so well you couldn't notice. Even Doom 3 didn't look quite as good (even though it had more complex geometry and a lot more animated parts in the environment moving around), and that game was supposed to be the best graphics workhorse at the time!

Definately pick this game up if you missed out the first time. Whether or not the remake for the new consoles comes out or not, you owe it to yourself to pick it up. I suggest the PC version if you can get it and run it, patch it and plug in your controller of choice, or use the mouse (PS2 controller worked fine for me, so did the mouse).

ravenguard883843d ago

It was one of my favourites on Xbox, I wish it was backwards compatible, but I much prefer the remake and sequel that Starbreeze has in the works.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33843d ago

got tired of the melee fights

didn't think the gameplay had all that much to offer, shooter elements weren't fully fleshed out

Never was that fascinated by the Riddick universe. But seriously, I'm still trying to figure out how Pitch Black fits into all of this. It's just not relevant to this series. Can anyone say Vin Deisel Star Vehicle?

It is probably one of the best looking last gen games though. The normal mapping textures were quite impressive.