Major Nelson: “Looking forward” as “truth comes out” regarding PS4 being 30% superior vs Xbox One

Major Nelson: “Looking forward” as the “truth comes out” regarding PS4 being 30% superior vs Xbox One

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ZodTheRipper1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

He is a very strange representative for a company ...wouldn't surprise me if he's the mastermind behind greenpowerz lol

Godchild10201443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I would be surprise if the Xbox One is more 30% more powerful than the PS4.

EDIT: I'M referring to this article and the Hot Chips event.

ZodTheRipper1443d ago

Prepare to be not surprised then.

AngelicIceDiamond1443d ago

@Child are on to something or are you just babbling?

AbortMission1443d ago

But it's not, so there goes that surprise Lol

scott1821443d ago

Is he trolling? Who claimed the PS4 is 30% more powerfull?

JokesOnYou1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Well we shall see when independent bench tests are done....both consoles will be under a MICROscope, lol so we'll know exactly what the gap is. I'm betting as Ive said a million times now that specs wise neither will have a significant advantage....hell if games are anything to go by I'm already right with X1 at least looking like X1 devs are a bit ahead but of course its early, either way the games on both sides will continue to showcase what devs can accomplish with hardwork, money, vision, and of course talent.

Godchild10201443d ago

My comment is not a fanboy comment. I don't care which is more powerful. I just want to play some new games, on new consoles.

JohnS13131443d ago

That was a nonsense rumor. The PS4 is possibly 50% more powerful than the Xbox 180 though.

HammadTheBeast1443d ago

Big boy Larry talking smack.

Did he forget the humiliation after the Angry Joe video?

thrust1443d ago

I can not wait for the test to be done!

It's going to be funny when all the ps fanboys see that the 50% and 30% is all a load of crap.

pedrof931443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

You people are getting too excited.

What Penelo said was something like that were elements on X1 hardware that weren't fully understood, also saying that also on Ps4 there were elements that weren't fully comprehended.

He said that the 30% couldn't be entirely true because no one was counting with the software part, then he mention that they made Direct X 11(?).

The "truth" is about the integrity of the entire system.

YNWA961443d ago

Godchild, the most intelligent statement here in a long time.... I too do not care what it takes to get it on my TV screen.... As long as the games are great, and look amazing.... Who cares whats under the hood.... Its whats on my TV that counts.... Killzone looks great... Forza looks great.... Statements like that though condemns you to disagrees here...

Dakriz1443d ago

You are right but everyone seems to forget the move drives the sound drives etc witch where design by MS for MS so Hyrbis right only time will tell and high customization will show the difference.

AngelicIceDiamond1443d ago

My comment came off a little strong but @Child posts evidence of MS console possibly being on par with Sony's machine.

With all these work arounds and up clocks MS has done I possibly believe Sony and MS console will be pretty close in performance.

And that's a good thing.

Angeljuice1443d ago

Where did they find those "world-class software engineers", because they were nowhere to be found during the production of the latest version of windows!

majiebeast1443d ago

Dude that rumour was started by 1 of the biggest and most delusional xbox fanboys on the internet, yes more delusional then neverending.

It makes no sense if this was true Microsoft would be screaming it off the rooftops. Also if you have seen the hotchips slides, dgpu makes no sense for the memory system they are using.

They are just trying to downplay the PS4 specs it would not be the first time Mayor Nelson/Microsoft PR lie i think they are doing it daily by now.

scott1821443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I think what sony has an advantage in is video game developing, they already seem a bit ahead with killzone and infamous with the insane amout of effects and action. Sony seems to have that upper hand... But in hardware, we don't have any idea.

christocolus1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


.Lmao....pls don't make fbs start another war here..oh damn its too late.its started already..all these comments aside I'm kind of liking larry,penello,harrison,spencer and mehdi a lot infact the entire xbx team are doing great..I dnt care hw the fight for graphics ends..I just want to play dr3 ,halo,gow any rare adenture game and titanfall so badly...but i saw that article somedays ago..if it does turn out to be true then halo5 would be freaking awesome... 343, blackstusk, good science ,rare, epic ,remedy and lionhead must be hard at work as we speak....nice

pompombrum1443d ago

"The "truth" is about the integrity of the entire system."

If that's the case, the Xbox team are in for a very bumpy ride. They're done more 180s on the integrity of their system to leave even Dead or Alive dizzy with all that spinning.

nypifisel1443d ago

Jeez, this again. We already know pretty much exactly how each platform is build and with what hardware, and it's just a fact; the PS4 is pretty far ahead of X1. There's no disputing this

thekhurg1443d ago


You are by far the most unintelligent, troll poster on this entire website.

How you got the number of bubbles you have by posting such ignorance time and time again blows my mind.

MazzingerZ1443d ago

I have the feeling there's more behind the PS4 HW....that "Yoshida's master plan" is very intrigating...what if the PS4 is upgradable?? Something in the future that will turn it into PS5 from one day to the other? 4-5 years from today that HW is released...maybe a dream out of reality, sorry in that case:)

gaffyh1443d ago

Is Major Nelson getting hired by Sony in the next few months?

That's the only way his comment makes sense.

Just from the raw specifications, PS4 is definitely more powerful than the Xbone. There is no denying that. What it comes down to then is OS load and optimization. If he's saying that their OS is more optimized and therefore reduces PS4 advantage, that's something I can understand (extremely unlikely going by the three OS setup on Xbone). If he's saying that the Xbone is technically more powerful, it's not. It's just...not.

Eonjay1443d ago

For anyone out there who isn't going to read the actual article, Larry is trying to say that they will be able to get just as much out to the Xbox One as the PS4 due to good programming. He is wrong. Theoretically, there is a threshold of 1.31 TFLOPS of performance. Regardless of coding ability, they will never be able to get the same level of theoretical performance out of the Xbox One as a proper program engineered for the PS4.

thechosenone1443d ago

Oh now it's 30%. -_- It's still 40%.. but nice try MS.

creatchee1443d ago

People from both sides can say whatever they want, but the fact is that we do not know the full story behind either console's hardware.

I can't wait to get my hands on both of them, whether there is disparity of power or not. Each one brings their own things to the table.

Ritsujun1443d ago

Poor Mehjurr Pelsuhn, but he needs to try harder.

tokugawa1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

AMD will announce their new GPUs on the 25th of semptember..

Microsoft will be having a conference on the 26th of september.... coincidence??? who knows?

hakis861443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I love how they try to undermine the raw power advandage the PS4 clearly has.
IMO they should focus on great games, that would benefit them more.

The PS4 GPU was originally about 50% more powerful than the Xbone, before the Xbone got clocked 53Mhz higher, which made it 40-something%.
EDIT: The PS4 still has MORE Stream Processors in the GPU,Compare it to engines: The PS4 still has more cylinders and HP, even though the Xbone got tuned a little bit and pushes out some extra HP.

The CPU has also been clocked higher, but then again; Sony has not offcially confirmed any clock speed.

Although Xbone is performing better with its CPU and GPU than before - which is a good thing - the bandwidth bottleneck with regards to the eSRAM has not been fully explained by Microsoft yet. Can both CPU and GPU access it? At the same time?

This is why they can't go around saying "we can't wait for the truth to be revealed" yada yada.. The truth is that the PS4 has - and will always have - a more powerful GPU with more Stream Processors, and a faster type of memory with higher bandwith than is availible in the Xbone with it's DDR3, eSRAM and Move-engines.

If not, then Microsoft should explain how they can surpass this.

EDIT 2: Another point is that while DirectX may be good and familiar, The PS4 will support everything DX 11.1 (11.2?) offers, but give developers more low level access to the hardware, meaning they can really take even more advantage of the HW without being limited by "rules" within DirectX.

Deadpoolio1443d ago

Good luck with that, since it ain't gonna happen there are no "secret" parts or chips or a second GPU just the same old weaker than PS4s parts inside....You delusional Xbots are funny though, love it when idiots read a rumor from someone who has been confirmed full of crap and swear it's truth.......

Again the games WOULD LOOK BETTER, an NDA is non-disclosure not non develop

nukeitall1443d ago

Remember when the Cell in PS3 had the flops?

How did that turn out?

Besides, who cares? Fact of the matter is, consoles are behind PC. No let me rephrase that, consoles are WAY BEHIND PC!

You want power, go with PC. You want ease of use and convenience, then console. I have always been of the mind that content and platform is what makes me buy a console.

I loved the Wii, despite it's weak specs and I loved the Xbox 360 despite all the fangirls claim it was weaker than PS3. In the end it didn't matter, because what I cared about was being able to play the games I like and communicate with my friends efficiently with party/cross game chat.

I constantly wished for dedicated server, and I got that with Xbox One. Now bring the games and the features, and I'm happy!

dantesparda1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I dont know man, i used to think the the PS4 had a pretty good lead powerwise over the X1, but since MS has made all these upgrades (like upping the GPU and CPU clocks), i dont know anymore. While i still think that the PS4 is more powerful and Killzone's single player mode looks miles better than anything else on the next gen systems. The rest of the stuff i am not so sure of (well Infamous does look really good to), but everything else is to close/on par for me. Sony gotta come out and tell me they set their CPU clocks at something higher than 1.6Ghz and hopefully even upped their GPU clocks or show me through the games its a good clip more powerful, cuz right now its not looking as good for Sony for me as it once did. I mean seriously these CPU's can easily do 2.0-2.4GHz and the GPU can easily do 1000MHz (1GHz) and not to mention, have more Compute Units (20). Sorry fanboys but i just keep real. And no, i still would not get a X1 and am still getting a PS4. But i just want it to be as good as it can be