If Rockstar announces GTA 5 for XB1/PS4, what will your reaction be?

Not official, but most obviously coming, what will you do if Rockstar makes the announcement in the weeks following your purchase of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. Anger? Happiness? A trip to the store to buy the next gen console?

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malokevi1718d ago

I'll say "ruvazagebvzchejar!" and jump through the ceiling.

Tony-A1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I would, too. haha

I'm praying that they release a PS4/XBO version. That would make me the happiest gamer alive. I don't see it as being too unlikely, either. The only reason they wouldn't say anything about it just yet is for the sake of jeopardizing some current-platform customers.

If it doesn't happen, I'm hoping to at least have it playable through Gaikai on PS4 next year.

slimeybrainboy1718d ago

I would probably find Justin Timberlake, urinate on his crotch and tell people that he wet himself.

abzdine1718d ago

it's definitely gonna happen.
i'm not buying GTA5 but if a next gen episode is happening i might try it out like i did with GTA4 when it first came out.

iamnsuperman1718d ago

I will cancel my GTA V preorder,drive up to Scotland, start praying to the building and doing some naked ritual outside and then download it for. My PS3 has been playing up lately. I just hope it survives/stops being a drama queen for GTA

cleft51718d ago

I will be happy and just buy the game twice. It would be great if they did that next-gen upgrade price thing, but if not I will still pay the extra for a next-gen copy.

Army_of_Darkness1717d ago

I would be soooo hysterical!!!!!.... No, not really.

ZHZ901717d ago

I would too will be hype if PS4/XBO version happens.

The whole internet will explode because of the hype.

AngryTypingGuy1717d ago

My reaction would be to wait until I get my PS4 of course. Any game that comes out for the current gen and next get like the new Assassin's Creed, MGS5, etc., I'll play on PS4 as opposed to my 360 or PS3. Might as well enjoy the best version.

thechosenone1717d ago

They have to release a next gen version because that's the only way that I'll be able to play it. :(

Lykon1717d ago

I'd pull my pants and trousers to my ankles , lift my t shirt , and jump up and down while spinning in circles so my penis and balls flaps up and down.

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ArchangelMike1718d ago

I'm fully expecting such an announcement once GTA V launched for current gen consoles. They'll probably announce it early next year for a spring release. I'll probably buy it all over agian for the PS4 :)

christian hour1718d ago

Yup I've been anticipating this announcement myself considering every official video released by rockstar so far has not been running on current-gen consoles. The shadows and AA are too good to be current gen from what we've seen so far, most definitely running on PC.

I just wish they'd be more honest about it and show us how it looks on current gen at least. Same goes for Watchdogs :P Sneaky devs!

PeaSFor1717d ago

probably upgrade it to ps4 with a fee.

monkey nuts1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I can see them releasing gta online for the next gen of consoles as they've stated that they will constantly be updating and improving the online aspect of the gam for the foreseeable future, and what better place for a gta mmo than on future proofed consoles. Consoles that can host massive amounts of players in a huge persistent world/ map without frame rate dips and such.

lastdual1718d ago

I'm not sure what would be more impressive, saying "ruvazagebvzchejar!" from memory, or jumping through the ceiling...

As for me, I'd just wait for a collection that includes all the inevitable DLC. The current-gen version would happily keep me busy in the meantime.

Mystogan1717d ago

I wouldn't not be surprised. I'm not gonna get GTA5 for currentgen in fact, the last game I'll buy is Fable Anniversary.

BlueBlood171717d ago

I'd get it for my PS4 instead.

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ABeastNamedTariq1718d ago

If/when that happens, I'd buy a second copy for PS4. Maybe I could actually get a Special Edition before they all sell out! >:(

I really hope someone cancels their SE preorder, lol.

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