Assasin's creed will get it's film counter part

Inside information on a assasin's creed movie being on the way.

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Breakfast3718d ago

Thanks for contributing to the site :). Hopefully we'll see more of you.

On topic: Im more intrigued at a sequel rather then a movie. Story left me wanting more. Gameplay left me cutting my wrists.

TheHater3718d ago

is anyone actually surprise that this happen? Every game that comes out lately is getting a Movie counter part

Breakfast3718d ago

Hollywood's running out of ideas. That or todays games are getting close to the 'Hollywood' level of writing.

edwineverready3718d ago

I agree they don't have to write a script they just use the game script. Witch game to film adaptation do you think is best

Breakfast3718d ago

Cant think of any right now...although i didnt mind the Silent Hill movie.

edwineverready3718d ago

Resident evil film was quite good also. never watched silent hill movie.

kydrice3718d ago

Silent Hill was alright but all Resident Evil movies are just a big mockery of the games themselves. Not one character from the game was a prominent character in the movie. They should of casted Leon or Jill to be the main person from the first movie onwards but all they did was recreate a entire different zombie movie with a cyborg ninja chick, slapped Umbrella Corp. and a few RE characters here and there and called it Resident Evil when really they could of called it something like "The Rise of the Dead vs. The Cyborg Lady" and we would of been none the wiser. Oh and Nemesis made me cry I mean we went through Jurassic Park in the 90s and was able to recreate 50ft dinosaurs but they couldn't even make Nemesis believable.

Assassin's Creed will only be good if they cut out all that futuristic crap. GOD all those future parts were a pain in the ass.

JadeTyrant3718d ago

hopefully Uwe Boll will direct!

edwineverready3718d ago

Yes he needs a break. Everybody deserves a break

tplarkin73718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

All I remember were cut-scenes with 2 guys always concluding that there is no truth.

The only good thing about AC was the graphics. They were truly amazing.

edwineverready3718d ago

But the movie could have some great visuals, and the movie will not have all the boring investigations. just the fun killing parts

tplarkin73718d ago

I'm not getting into details, but in this current climate of the war on terror, the movie wouldn't succeed. But it would look nice.

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