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Incoming' The most exciting 3DS and PS Vita games for September 2013

Pocket Gamer - I'm going to level with you, 3DS owners: September isn't looking so hot for you. A massive amount of shovelware is just waiting for you to pass it by.

PS Vita owners, on the other hand, can look forward to at least a couple of great titles.

September is, then, definitely 'advantage Vita'. (3DS, PS Vita)

ArchangelMike  +   512d ago
Killzone Mercenary id a phenomenal game. For get the nay sayers, it's awesome. Perfect for a handheld, and the multiplayer alone surpasses some full console game multiplayer. I dare say it gives KZ 2 a run for it's money.
chestnut1122  +   512d ago
KZ:Mercenaries Live up to it's Hype. What a Phenomenal Game.
0ut1awed  +   511d ago
Killzone is a game known to live up to it's hype. I fell in love with the infamous Killzone 2 cg trailer back in e3 2005. Four years haters said the game would never look that good. Then the game came out and it actually looked better than the trailer. It also turned out to have multiplayer that was probably my favorite of this previous gen.

So yea, Killzone and GG have done it again. Glad I just invested in the Vita finally. This and Rayman Legends seem to be perfect matches.

I actually don't have any current gen consoles (Pc only atm) but will have a ps4. Even so its nice to have a portable like this, especially one so powerful. Hopefully games like this sell well so we can get some more developers to hop on board!
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Remy_S  +   512d ago
Playing the excellent Rayman Legends on Vita now, looking forward to Killzone next week.
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0ut1awed  +   511d ago
Legends seems to be a excellent match for the vita. You get the full Wii U game but portable and $25 cheaper. It looks really good on the OLED display too.
bullymangLer  +   512d ago
hmmm should i get Rayman for my Vita or for my wiiU game-pad??

vita dsnt rumnbLe gamepad yes

gamePad almost 7 inches, vita no

wiiU gamepad feels like a ultra comfy gaming controller in your hands, vita :/

wiiU version = more than 20 different levels etc etc ?

vita it is .. .
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Shadowsteal  +   512d ago
Vita is PORTABLE lol and a future patch is adding over 100 levels to Vita Rayman: Legends including the missing ones.
bullymangLer  +   512d ago
lol portable

we are in 2013 . . portable isnt as big a deal as it was 15 YEARS ago (;

vita is getting more eh cool . but LAIIIITERRRR!

still its easy to see that rayman Legends is superior on wiiU in all ways over ps3 xbox vita version . (:

because nintendo is sony and micros daddy <
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Shadowsteal  +   511d ago

No because it was developed for Wii U first then ported to the rest of the consoles.
tubers  +   511d ago

Yes, it's 2013 and it's exactly a "mobile year" and the following after.

Look at the mobile trends and what's about to trend; ph/ablets, 3DS, Shield, Cloud (Remote Play, "Everything is a 2nd screen" and Grid).

Protagonist  +   511d ago

You are one of the worst Nintendotrolls on N4G, I wont even call you guys fans anymore.

Shadowsteal rediculed you by pointing a simple fact: "patch is adding over 100 levels to PS Vita" and your reply was: "lol portable we are in 2013 . . portable isnt as big a deal as it was 15 YEARS ago (;

vita is getting more eh cool . but LAIIIITERRRR!"

You did not know that which makes you are pure embarrassment! by making a childish answer.

But lets play your "game" "portable isnt as big a deal as it was 15 YEARS ago (;"

Thus you are saying it does not mean S*** Nintendo is selling all those 3DS, agree?
bullymangLer  +   511d ago
mann cheer up (:

why you no mention my other more IMPORTANT wiiU advantages that i mentioned nor have to . like better comfort and bigger screen and funner over all experience multi player on wiiU? < way more important than AGAIN more levels, like wiiU already gots . (;

because nintendo is your daddy too
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PrimeGrime  +   511d ago | Funny
Well for one the Wii U game pad is approximately 6.2" inches. Not 7"

You know I can do the same thing that you are trying to do. Such a douche bag attempt, lets try.

Wii U gamepad screen VGA, Vita screen OLED.

Wii U gamepad resolution 854x480. Vita resolution 960x544.

Wii U gamepad not completely portable, Vita is completely portable.

Wii U gamepad doesn't play actual games besides from the Wii U. Vita plays its own games and doesn't need a console to do it.

Wii U version nothing different once the Vita gets the patch.

Ubisoft also made it pretty clear why the Vita version didn't get it at first. Not like you care I am sure, it was either get it patched in or have the game delayed even more.
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bullymangLer  +   511d ago
thats why i said almost<< >>> 7

lol . . those advantages you mentioned are not creative at all just eventual feautures that anybody could have added to their handheLds.

. . COMFORT is more important than specs < fact .

it just isnt as great to play games on a vita like it is on a wiiU game-pad < fact

nintendo is your daddy too
OMNlPOTENT  +   511d ago
Don't feed the troll. I love Nintendo but yeah.. Both versions are pretty much identical. The only difference is would you rather have couch multiplayer or portability? That should be the only deciding factor.
slivery  +   511d ago
What a total idiot. Talking shit about portables but then acting like a game pad that can't even leave the range of the system is more special..

OK!!!! Did you even read how Ubisoft is patching in all the other levels on the Vita version? Obviously not.

Also you can't buy games for your game pad dumb ass. Unplug your Wii U and tell me how many games you can play on your lovely pad then.

You mean buy a game for your Wii U that can be played off TV, that sounds about right.
bullymangLer  +   511d ago
hmm . you are so mad, i can hear your panties drying up . ha haaa

you : OK!!!! Did you even read how Ubisoft is patching in all the other levels on the Vita version? Obviously not.

me: and you will play them on your vita, rather a wiiU gaming pad where the COMFORT IS (;

the patch comes LATERRR = too late for sony

and cloud tech on wiiU is already happening goomba, obviously . not a unique feature either

any game on vita would be funner more bad ass played on a wiiU game-pad < fact

nintendo is your daddy too eh
PrimeGrime  +   511d ago
Almost? Why am I even bothering responding to someone so dumb they can't even round numbers properly. They teach you how to round numbers in 2nd grade, come on that is really basic math.

That is like me saying I am 6'2" tall, so I am almost 7' tall, makes no sense. Sorry but you don't start rounding numbers until you reach 5's. You don't start at 2's.

"lol . . those advantages you mentioned are not creative at all just eventual feautures that anybody could have added to their handheLds."

Are you really stupid or something, the same applies to what you just said? I don't know if you didn't notice with how detailed I wrote that out. Maybe you can't read too well or something but I was mocking you..

I own a Wii U and a Vita the only difference between me and you is I am not a complete moron. Let alone feel the need to go around in Wii U articles trolling on the gamepad.

This article wasn't about the Wii U, it was about the 3DS and PS Vita.
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tubers  +   511d ago
Get w/c ever your fanboy color is.
lategamer  +   511d ago
Lol Bigger screen? I have a TV.

Rumble? In both the 360 and PS3 controller.

Comfort? A gigantic oversized tablet controller or the perfect form factor of the 360/PS3 controller.

Wii U? Lol.

Lol Nintendo is a great great grandfather. Its time to dig a grave and bury him ;). Enjoy your Wii U, great "next gen" console lol. I'm pretty sure both 360 and PS3 outclass it. PS4 and XB1 leave it in the dust ;), where it belongs.
dredgewalker  +   511d ago
Lets not feed intentional trolls. Obviously bullymangler is just here to piss people off. No one can ever be this stupid.
Dakriz  +   511d ago
I hope KZ is better than the beta, tried it and meh but I'll buy the game i don't go by review as the games I like get meh review and the once I just can't play pas 30 min get 10 lmao.

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