Star Citizen hits $18 million goal, new $20 million goal brings 1st-person combat to select planets

Star Citizen has surpassed its $18 million funding tier, and now backers will receive an “exclusive star system” as noted last week when it smashed the $17 million funding tier.

Now, a new tier has be set for $20 million and if met, players will be able to participate in some firs-person combat on select planets which are “lawless.”

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ATi_Elite1557d ago

I know PC Gamers are All excited about StarCitizen but don't forget about X-Rebirth!

SC has a lot of hype due to it's great crowd-funding goals but XR has a great Dev team and this is their 7th game and it's a GREAT Series!

aliengmr1557d ago

I'm a pretty big X-fan but I am slightly concerned about Rebirth. Being limited to just one ship with no third-person view, is the main one.

You may be able to control capital ships but like everything else concerning Rebirth, its hard to get a straight answer on anything.

I still might get it, but not day one.

ThanatosDMC1557d ago

Yup, same here. It almost feels like a huge step back. Hopefully it will be addressed but it feels like their aiming for a console port for casual use. I'm really worried about my favorite space sim game. Why cant i pilot my gigantic destroyers is beyond me.

The devs are ignoring our questions about it too...

IcicleTrepan1557d ago

Do you think this game will ever come to console? I wish it would but :(

thezeldadoth1557d ago

a game of this scope just wouldn't run on ps4/one. Not to mention the open nature of the development throughout with its updates would not work with either sony or microsoft. High end PC's struggle to run this, ps4/one will not come close.

johny51557d ago

by the time this game comes out pc graphics cards like Nvidia Volta should be able to max this game easily at 4k!

ps4 might handle medium settings at 720p60fps or maybe even 1080p but at 30fps?

JsonHenry1557d ago

I highly doubt a game of this depth could ever come to even next gen platforms without being extremely "console-fied" to the point it isn't the same game.

Pandamobile1557d ago

It's being made by a team of like 12-15 people. Unless they start porting it after it's done, it's not probably not going to happen.

T21557d ago

Chris R already said maybe to ps4 ..dunno if viable but there was wing commander on ps already

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-Gespenst-1557d ago

Imagine if all that money had went to charity instead...

SilentXCaspa1557d ago

Now imagine if you actually understood how most charities work...

JsonHenry1557d ago

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! +1bubble