The problem with programming: my adventure in BASIC with Petit Computer for DS

Pocket Gamer - Have you ever dreamed of playing your own game? I know I have. But while I've dabbled with a few user-friendly game makers, I've never dug too deep into the coding side of things.

In fact, my one stab at programming ended in a slammed fist on my keyboard, a few ill-chosen words, and some tears. It's something I've subsequently tried to avoid ever since.

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christian hour1720d ago

I remember I used to use RPGToolkit when I was 15-16 (bout ten years ago) and having a blast with that, but then getting scared and running away when it came to the coding side of things. Even though I never made a complete game, I spent a lot of time with the community, wonder what all those guys are doing these days? Any former RPGTK folk on n4g?

wishingW3L1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

before learning how to program you first need to learn what Array, For, While, If, Stack, Switch Case and stuff like that means and their structure. It doesn't matter how much "beginner" the tutorial can be if you don't know that stuff you can't do anything because these are general statements that are present in every single modern language programming no matter if it's C#, Java, Visual Basic, etc.

But seriously, LOL at this guy trying to learn Basic. That language is so outdated it's useless for modern applications and extremely hard learn. I think he confused Basic with Visual Basic which is the language that students start learning in school.

vigilante_man1720d ago

The first language I ever learned was BASIC. It was very easy for simple text-based "Hello World" type programs. It taught me the essence of sequence iteration and selection - the very basics of coding.

I even learned C and COBOL but Pascal was the best learning tool - so easy for functions and procedures.

Yes, IDE tools can be great but learning the basics is never a bad thing (no pun intended).

rainslacker1720d ago

I kind of feel this guy tried to run before he knew how to walk. I applaud his dedication, but still, anyone looking to learn programming would be best served to start with a common language like Java, VB, C++, or C#. Resources abound, and the IDE's are much friendlier than what he describes.

The dummies books, while a silly name, are generally excellent starter tools for any subject they address. Don't let the title put you off, they are a wealth of information that provides the basis for anything you may want to learn when it comes to programming. There are also a plethora of websites for the common languages that offer the same information with varying degrees of ease of entry.

Once you learn the basics of programming, it's easy to learn the syntax of any language, and for the most part they are all very similar in structure so all you have to do is learn the language used.. It's best to keep to the basics, combine them to get more complicated and fancy, then start adding things by trying out different approaches that you may come across while researching how to do something. It may not make sense at first, but if you see something that you think may work, dig deeper, try it out, modify it, and see what happens. You'll end up learning stuff without realizing it. It'll be frustrating as hell at times, but a lot of fun.

It gets hard again when you start getting into the actual complicated stuff, however...but learn to walk and best of luck if you're reading this.