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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Chat Transcript - Monday, April 14 at 4:00 PM PST

Our Chat guests today were...

The US GT5: Prologue Producer: Taku Imaski with a community handle of "skebe".

The Associate US GT5: Prologue Producer: Christian Hinojosa-Miranda with a community handle of "chjmp".

Welcome everyone. Registered users will be able to ask questions in approximately 5 minutes. Guests can only watch. If you'd like to ask a question please register and login to the community.

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Awesomeo30003716d ago

this game is gonna be amazing. does anyone kno if its actually going to be in stores tomorrow or its shipping tomorrow?

level 3603715d ago

They are still working on putting the Bugatti Veyron in the Full Version GranTurismo 5 and are still having licensing issues for the McLaren F1...

Hope they include the winning *Xanavi Nissan GTR35 from the Japanese Super GT500's as well... and also please put the *Mazda Furai Concept LeMans race car.

The Top Gear Test track is a welcome addition, now we can get to experience virtually how the Stig and their guests' uses it from the show.

Yes, one thing I noticed with my G25's is that I don't actually need the clutch to drive it when I set it to manual-mode... just shift the gears and gas the pedal. ( 6 speed for most supercars - 5 speed for most econobox racers )

The Full Version game will truly be otherworldly.