Should You Drop $1,000 on Next-Gen Come November?

Next-gen consoles are right around the corner, but should you really be buying in day one?

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ABeastNamedTariq1478d ago

I wish! But unfortunately, that's not happening for me. Have other things to attend to and what not.

I already dropped $400 on a PS4, and I'm planning to buy Killzone, Battlefield, and Watch Dogs (currently have those preordered). I might be switching my Watch Dogs preorder to Knack or a second controller though. I HATE that "GameStop Edition" banner. Ruins my case.

I'll be dropping $500 next year (hopefully) when Halo comes out, most likely. Along with Titanfall and Forza 5. Or whenever a new Gears comes out, if it does.

Tony-A1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I'm most likely on the same path. Still trying to pay off all of my PS4 stuff in between jobs.

I just graduated college and am in the process of taking a big step in my life that requires my time, energy and especially money (moving out of my parents house, as well). I'll be getting my PS4 to help me through these times haha

Xbox One will most likely be somewhere down the line. Probably when the price drops and I feel a bit more comfortable with their stance. If this generation taught me anything, it's that I can wait until I get another console. These generations keep getting longer and longer. haha

CloudyAero1478d ago

Hope everything goes smooth for you man.

Lwhit61477d ago

Good luck out there in the real world bro. Hope everything goes well for you. Can't wait to be in your position in ten years!

UltimateMaster1477d ago

Should You Drop $1,000 on Next-Gen Come November?
Nah, 399$ is just enough.

sonarus1478d ago

PS4 1st. Xbox one when they inevitably release a non kinnect bundle

iamnsuperman1478d ago

I agree. I will drop £425 for the Xbox One when I have qualified but with me just about to start a Primary PGCE in a week and being a killzone fan I am going for a PS4 in November

YNWA961478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Definitely not, but I am, but the real expensive part is buying for the wife to sweeten the deal! Ya know, with a pair of shoes comes the matching pants, purse.... Top..... A few of them for each season..... Times that by at least a few......

Tony A, how no taxes?? Where is this great place exactly?

Actually, my wife is taking me back to Ireland for my 40th at xmas... I must start dropping hints.... Region free now... Thanks for this article... Never thought of that till now!

Insomnia_841478d ago

I pre-ordered two PS4 already!

Lwhit61477d ago

Somewhere in the world a poor starving boy is thirsting for a PS4 pre order and here you are depriving him of that opportunity.

Insomnia_841477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


My 12 year old sister counts too bro.

PlayStation_41478d ago

Just getting a PS4 this gen, my 360 gathered dust last gen except when I used to play Reach and Gears 3.

May get an X1 a few years after, not sure.

IRON883 1477d ago

So I pre ordered the PS4 and will be getting watch dogs battlefield 4 cod ghosts

rainslacker1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I've been saving up for the past year and a half, and don't have that many bills anyways, so I'm gonna splurge a bit. Keeping it to one console now, but have been picking up more late gen games than I would of normally since deciding to only get one console. Already have my Wii U, PS4 in November, and way too many games and way too little time to play them in.

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JsonHenry1478d ago

Probably not, but I am anyway.

GarrusVakarian1478d ago

I would if i could, but Ill buy the PS4 first and Xbox later next year.

s8anicslayer1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I aready did, but more like to the tune of $1500 with games, extras and taxes.

Tony-A1478d ago

I'm lucky enough to live in Northern Massachusetts. Just on the border of New Hampshire, where I do all my shopping.

No taxes!! haha

s8anicslayer1478d ago

@Tony I was just in Newport VT not too far from you. That area is beautiful plan on moving up there one day, but unfortunately still have to deal with the heafty Nassau county NY sales tax one of the highest in the country :(.

Tony-A1478d ago

I went up to Newport for my rugby matches a few times, it's gorgeous! Those sales taxes in NY are brutal, dude, I get to witness that whenever I visit family in the area. haha

CRAIG6671478d ago

You guys!!!! you have no idea how lucky you are, you should spend a year in the UK, the price of food here is ridiculous, nevermind consoles!!! anyway, rant over, happy gaming!

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Same here man...I don't mind dropping the cash. This next cycle of consoles have been along time coming and I'm ready!

s8anicslayer1478d ago

It's been a great seven years but it's time for something new.

nosferatuzodd1478d ago

I'm planing on one console ps4, who want to by that xbox can buy it i would never buy anything from Microsoft ever i don't even use windows after what Microsoft did to me i can never trust a company like that and it has nothing to do with videogames its bigger than that

thrust1478d ago

Hahaha^^^ some mad people on this rock.