Are Rockstar being too ambitous too early with GTA Online? Or is it the right time?

I’m sure most of us will know by now that GTA Online is a different game in itself and promises to be one of the best online experiences of all time, but with Rockstar’s huge leap from GTA IV’s online to GTA Online, will Rockstar be able to pull it off?

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GarrusVakarian1656d ago

I'm sure they know what they are doing.

I think now is the perfect time, get everyone used to it and set the foundations ready to carry it over to next gen, by that time people will already be familiar with it and it will already have been tweaked and had things added to it.

Lawking1001656d ago

I'm sure too. But that does not mean there isn't any room for failure.

GarrusVakarian1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

The only thing i see as failing is if they just did the usual bog standard multiplayer, they probably saw that there is the threat of it getting stale and decided to innovate.

But yeah i suppose there is room for anything to fail.

RedDevils1655d ago

If you don't take chance, then you won't go forward simple.

Khajiit861655d ago

GTA online will most likely move to next gen and there they will be able to put more than 16 players in a map.

claud31656d ago

They are doing it slowly and working on it over the years to come

So they are being very very smart with it and not rushing

Lawking1001656d ago

That's the positive side. Lets just hope it lives up to expectations. It's Rockstar, so I'm sure it will

claud31656d ago

They will, they never rush anything and that is why the caps between GTA games is so wide and welcomed... The caps between the online content will not be so massive, but enough to actually get what they want put in without any massive problems

antikbaka1655d ago

how many players are there? 16? 32???
mahm, nothing to make a fuss about. just an online option like in many other games - CoD, battlefield and etc.

waltercross1655d ago

In GTA Online you can buy your own place, watch movies in a theater etc. Far different than GTAIV Online.

antikbaka1655d ago

so they just implemented sologame features into multiplayer?

waltercross1654d ago

You act like that's a bad thing.

Lawking1001655d ago

Read the article before replying :) Thanks.

The_Truth_24_71655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


Horrible English! Just horrible!

generic-user-name1654d ago

Both are acceptable depending on what part of the world you are from.

rezzah1655d ago

Maybe it is too early, maybe the day after would be the perfect time...Who knows?