How long can the PS4 go before high-end PC computers outshine it?

Many would say High-end PC computers are already miles better than a PS4, but considering lots of developers create their games to be specially optimized for consoles, how long will it be until PC can hold more than 64 players on Battlefield or design prettier looking games?

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kneon1441d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if we see updated consoles every 3-4 years from now on. With the move to customized versions of standard hardware the development costs of the consoles should be much much lower. No more designing new chips and architectures from scratch.

So when future higher performance AMD CPU and GPU cores can be had for the same or lower price, and with similar or lower TDP they can release a new box that is fully backwards compatible yet much more powerful.

For developers this starts to look more like the PC world, except it's still vastly simpler as they are only dealing with 2 different configurations instead of thousands. Even after 20 years of this they would still only have a handful of configurations to worry about.

black0o1441d ago

some games take at less 2-4 years in development ... I think we are fine for the next 5 years

XB1_PS41441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Most every AAA game is developed for consoles, or with consoles in mind. Which means the games that are on PC stem as a marginal increase from the console version. This leads to pc hardware being overkill because nothing is graphically demanding enough to use all of the power. Whenever a new console is introduced, the PC gets better looking games. The pc will always have more power. Most of its more beautiful games rely on the console market though.

The graphics may look the same for a while, but high end pcs will be capable of 1080p 120fps while the consoles struggle for 60.

nix1441d ago

i think really high end PC can already outsmart PS4. the reason i'm with PS is because of the games.

ThanatosDMC1441d ago

Not really a lot of devs that truly optimize a PC game for a specific graphics card though. Usually end up being modders who make the game look damn good. Just check Crysis 1 realism mod.

blackmagic1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Well, the PS4 has a weak CPU and a 1.84 TFLOP GPU.

Back in 2008, an HD 4870 already rocked 2.40 TFLOPS of computing power.

Today, a single HD 7990 cranks out 8.20 TFLOPS of computing power before we even talk about multi-carded setups and overclocking. That's 445% more computing power just for a single card.

On September 5th AMD announced their first of the 8xxx series of cards with more to come in the coming months.

The 7950, available for close to two years now, can be had for as little as $175 which buys 3.0 TFLOPS of computing power.

The real question is how far behind is the PS4.

The_Con-Sept1441d ago

I gave up on pc gaming for the fifth time now. This time with PS4 I am never going back to the stupid noob pc groupies who hang on to 500 dollar mice and keys, and never actually purchase their games.

Army_of_Darkness1441d ago

outshine in terms of good games!?!?, ummm.. probably Never.

ssj271441d ago

I like the idea behind it but I will love a 10 times nore powerful console the PS5 in 5 years from now!
That sounds much attractive and smart!

starchild1441d ago

Considering that Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4 and Watch_Dogs are all confirmed to have graphical advantages on PC over the console versions, I would say that the PC is already ahead out of the gate.

gaffyh1441d ago

Hardware-wise, they already are.

Software-wise, they will for third party games in a few years. But first party is the main thing for Sony, and there'll never be anything anywhere near as good as stuff that Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Sony Santa Monica puts out.

infamous-butcher1441d ago


"Today, a single HD 7990 cranks out 8.20 TFLOPS of computing power before we even talk about multi-carded setups and overclocking. That's 445% more computing power just for a single card."

The 7990 is a dual gpu card. Its two 7970s on the one pcb rather than two separate cards. Also the HD8000 series is already out and is only available as oem cards.
The HD9000 series might come out in October.
but other than those misinformed statements what you say is true.

the ps4 gpu is suspected to be a hd7800 series card and is already out performed by many cards
the 7870 GHZ ed
7870 XT
7950 GHZ ed
7970 GHZ ed
and the 7990.
Not to mention all the Nvidia cards that slot in between those cards. The gtx 660, 660 ti, 670, 680, 690, 760, 770, 780 and the titan.
BTW cant wait to get my PS4.

blackmagic1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I am aware that the 7990 is dGPU but there are quadfire setups out there (two 7990's in crossfire)

You're right on the 8xxx, I typo'd that, I meant to write 9xxx and my comment was based on a forum thread I was reading over at Tom's Hardware which I misread so overall, that whole sentence is bs! lol

You're keeping me honest! :)

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slimeybrainboy1441d ago

So what? I really don't understand this high end PC fascination.

You can always create a higher spec PC, but so what? It's just the same as the PC market, you could buy a tablet or a mac, or you could buy each component and make a custom PC that's more powerful but more expensive and more effort. It's the same for every thing else, food, cars, furniture. Comparing consumer products to custom builds is so dumb.

STK0261441d ago

A small correction, building a PC more powerful than a mac is also likely going to cost less than buying a mac.

As for the "high end PC fascination", people like to play on PC for various reasons, for one, some games are simply a better fit on PC (games like StarCraft, League of Legends, DOTA2, World of WarCraft and the Total War series for example). Multiplatform games also look better on PC, and usually run better as well. While most games this generation were at around 720p with a 30FPS cap, the same games could run at 1080p+ with no framerate cap and better shadows, textures and AA on high end PCs.

As for comparing custom builds to consumer products, you can buy pre-built PCs, so I'm not sure I understand your point.

Autodidactdystopia1441d ago

yeah just don't buy garbage.

dell, Compaq, hp, acer, asus, lol all that trash is actually more expensive than custom building unless you buy the bargain bin walmart e-machine, in which case you deserve to suffer for being so dumb as to willfully purchase an e-machine.

for you a car is a get you from point a to point b kinda thing, for me its all about the experience, especially knowing you can take hills just as well as you can take slopes.

starchild1441d ago

If you are happy gaming on a console, that's fine. But not everybody is satisfied with that level of quality.

I love games a lot and I want them to look and perform as best as possible. I don't like the jaggies, screen tearing, pop-in and slow down in most console games.

On PC you can minimize most of those graphical problems and also simply enjoy better graphics in general.

It's no different than movie lovers who buy high quality displays, Blu-ray players and audio systems in order to enjoy their movies with higher image quality and audio fidelity.

Some people are satisfied watching their movies on a 30" tube tv, but some people have higher standards and want something better than that.

Lisica1441d ago

It costs less to build a PC.

We all use PCs.
Why would I need a PC and a console, if I can do it all on the PC?

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HammadTheBeast1441d ago

High end PC's are already outshining it, that's not the point of a console.

FamilyGuy1441d ago

I prefer a reversal of this question, How long will it be before we see a game engine that's tailor-made for the PS4 taking advantage of its hardware to a degree that really places it on par with a high-end gaming PC?

High-end PCs already surpass it in the current state but a brand new engine like the one Quantic Dream is working on would allow the PS4 to be formidable for a few years to come.

jeffgoldwin1441d ago

Wow that's really some dillusional thinking right there. On you on drugs by chance?

Anyways people buy consoles for exclusives. Ps4/One is already 2 years behind a high end pc before they even release.

tigertron1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

@ jeffgoldwin

Do you think a 2005 PC could handle the likes of The Last Of Us?

Autodidactdystopia1441d ago

Ill answer for jeff.


at least mine could :) but most no, no billions of dollars being pumped into my hardware being stretched to its limits.

a better question would be, do you think a pc from 2005 with billions of dollars of R&D over the course of its lifetime couldn't?

2 diff systems and ideologies that's all :D

addictgamer1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

The Radeon 1950 XTX @ 375 GFLOPS launched a month before the PS3 @ 230 GFLOPS so yes, a PC from 2006 would likely run it better (the PS3 didn't exist in 2005, it launched Nov 2006).

Actually, now that I think about it, the geforce 7900 GX2 was 288 GFLOPS and it was available in March of 2006.

FamilyGuy1441d ago

Jeff, have you seen any games on PC that look as good as The Dark Sorcerers tech demo prior to feb 2013?

On that 2005 note, the PS3 wasn't developed in 2006, it was released in 2006. It took years of R&D for that to happen.

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ABizzel11441d ago

They already outshine the PS4 in everything except RAM, the difference is with the PS4 you can get a great mid-range gaming experience for $400, and with PC it's $600 - $800 for that same mid-range gaming experience.

But High End PC's are already ahead of the PS4 and XB1. PS4 and XB1 are high end laptops.

1441d ago
ABizzel11441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


You don't have to factor in the price of online with the PS4 unless you want to, and another bonus is when you pay for PS+ to play online you'll also get at least 12 free games per year (more likely 24+), so paying for online on the PS4 isn't as hard of a bullet to bite, vs another console.

But yeah I wrote that a while back. In the long term a gaming PC is the better choice if you can get over that initial "high price".

The_Infected1441d ago

PC can outshine graphics but will never outshine PS4 exclusives.

"Naughty Dog" Talent > graphics "Crytek"

iamgoatman1441d ago

Yeah, because all PC has is Crytek...

Seafort1441d ago

Crytek hasn't given shit about PC gamers for the last 2 years since they developed Crysis 2 for consoles.
I'd rather have indie devs and CD Project RED than Crytek and their EA masters.

The reason most publishers hate the PC is because it can't be controlled like the consoles can.

There's mods, config changes than affect graphics, sound and gameplay and many other things they have no control over.

zero_gamer1441d ago

I never play Crytek games on my PC and I have over 300 games in my Steam library.

You know nothing about NFL, yet you say nothing can outshine your High School football team.

starchild1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Naughty Dog make great games and they are a big part of the reason I own a PS3 and will own a PS4, but get real, their games are not the only good games around. I have played dozens of games this generation that I have enjoyed just as much.

Oh, and the Crysis games are good games. Maybe not amazing games, but good games nonetheless. Crysis has like a 91 on metacritic, while Crysis 2 has an 86 and Crysis 3 has like a 77 I believe. Those scores represent good games. They aren't the crappy games people like you make them out to be.


Your comment couldn't be further off base. If Crytek didn't care about the PC gaming market why would they add the DirectX11 features and high res texture pack to Crysis 2 on PC? Why would Crysis 3 be such an advanced game on PC, to the point that it is far above the console versions and manages to look better than next gen games?

And publishers don't hate the PC. They make a huge amount of money off the PC. Nearly every game gets released for the PC nowadays. And along with the PC exclusives, the PC actually gets more games than any other platform.