Psx:MGS4 Bluetooth Headset Fake

Earlier today we came across a story that claimed an officially branded Metal Gear Solid 4 bluetooth headset. Game blog Kotaku reported the news bit, initially calling it fake and then claiming it was real and posting a marketing page for it. While the idea certainly isn't far-fetched, there are things that lead us to believe that this is, in fact, fake.

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redninja3300d ago

NoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo oo!

dragunrising3300d ago

I don't think the headset looks altogether very nice. My Jabra BT 125 works just fine. The headset I'm most looking forward to is the Socom: Confrontation headset. It's first party and looks pretty snazzy.

Am I alone in thinking this head set is fake and kinda lame. Reminds me of a special edition Halo Xbox 360...another example of lame.

Also, debating whether to buy a ps3 version of COD4. Already have the 360 version. PSN Username: undertheblue

dragunrising3299d ago

If people are going to about you explain why for a change. Its disappointing to say the least when no one comments. Just saying.

Mikelarry3300d ago

it was real then fake then real now fake again. they should just make thier minds up

Max Power3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

you guys should read the comments on the bottom of the page, primarily 'mista' and 'solidus15'. they bring up some good points, such as 'mista' works for a video game store and says that their computer have a metal gear solid head set to come out the same day as the game and its $60, and then solidus goes to explain that the dimensions and weight are that of the packaged product, and thus the weight of .5lbs for the single package would make sense if it came with charger, case, etc. and the master packaging weighing in at 12lbs would be 12 single packages in one box. so it could very well exist, you just have to do the math and think logically about what goes into said package for the headset to make those numbers make sense.

it would help if there was an actually picture not a cgi... but i have faith that it will come out.

joydestroy3300d ago

yeah guys, it's real. this is coming out and i'm getting one.

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