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Need for Speed Rivals to be "the best Need for Speed in terms of driving that people have ever had."

Ghost Games' Marcus Nilsson on taking over the reins from Criterion (Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TurboGamer  +   627d ago
I'll be getting The Crew since it actually has car customization available. The original Most Wanted was the last great NFS game, since then this series as been as good as dead.
abzdine  +   627d ago
i tried NFS most wanted on PS3 and i really didnt like the driving physics i think NFS is a really bad racing series in terms of driving.
Criterion delivered an amazing Burnout Paradise and it's hibernation since then.. what a pity!
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lllll-lllll  +   626d ago
Yeah, driving simulators can be a lot of fun (if done properly), but personally i do prefere fps :)

KUV1977  +   627d ago
I played both games at GamesCom and while I went in medium interested in both, Need4Speed moved to my PS4-buy-list and TheCrew moved to an... well if I get it as a gift I won't throw it away but otherwise I won'T touch it-title... Need for Spped is good if you liked the recent Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise. Otherwise it's not for you. The Crew however had the most terrible steering I have ever, and I mean EVER, experienced in a racer. Unless they massively fix this I can'T see anyone really enjoying this, although I really like the concept of a cross-country-racer.
Master-H  +   626d ago
Probably like driver SF , shittiest car handling ever lol
GT67  +   627d ago
"since mostwanted this series has been good as dead"

i seriuously hate to agree with you but your DAMN right.
year after year they pass it on to developers who know absolutely NOTHING about NFS try to make it fit from their experience (criterion games) turn it into BURNOUT clone instead. now we have another monkey (ghost game) trying to capture a new version of NFS but that monkey is a member of CRITERION games clan so Rival be nothing more than slap on environment with soul of burnout installed with a new twist "ALL DRIVE" to piss us off more. and the title "NEED FOR SPEED" be SLAP on again to DECEIVE fans who truly once loved NFS.
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MegadethAndy  +   626d ago
I agree. Burnout Paradise was good for what it was, but it doesn't belong in NFS.
Would be good to see EA take it seriously rather than passing it around like some cheap toy.

I think NFS 3 was a great game, it had excellent track design with high speed chases.
Going back to sport/super/hyper cars and adding character to AI opponents similar to what they did with Road Rash back in the day would be fun.
They can still add customization and handling options.
There is no reason a new generation of gamer's would not enjoy this. Otherwise they could always buy a Burnout game.
andrewsqual  +   626d ago
Thank God it is being made on a game engine that is completely designed for racing games or this would turn out to be a steaming pile of..........oh wait.
strifeblade  +   626d ago
There you have it folks this guy just confirmed need for speed will be better than driveclub.
Kayant  +   627d ago
^ Right on the money TurboGamer also the NFS has lost it's softer drifting from the old Underground and most wanted days.
fanta_claus  +   627d ago
I hate the handling in NFS games. It takes me right out of it. Way too slip-slidey.
Scatpants  +   627d ago
I think they're fun. The last one was like Burnout Paradise 2.
GT67  +   627d ago
thats the problem SCATPANTS

if we wanted Burnout PARADISE im very sure gamers would have bought it (if it was out to compete). the issue at hand its tooooooooo FCKING exactly like Burnout like fanta_claus said: waaaaay to slip-slidey, to much drifting. one of the reasons i loved NFS you had traction around corners. now no matter how you prepare for corners at lower speed higher speed you still sliding to a wall and you wonder why AI cars not sliding too. i want traction not moonwalking into wall (environment)
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Scatpants  +   626d ago
It was fun.
andrewsqual  +   626d ago
That is the problem. We know the last one was great because Criterion completely developed it. This one is NOT being made by Criterion and it does not use their engine designed from the ground up for this type of game. They are trying to say Criterion helped with development but having someone from Criterion sticking their head into the office and saying "yeah that looks good" doesn't = made by Criterion.
Its nice to see that the uninformed thousands will still buy this just like they do even with the crap NFS games.
GT67  +   626d ago
@ scatpants

what was fun??? crashing into the environment rather than progressing in the race??? or are you stating BURNOUT was fun??? incomplete reply is confusing to which game you are implying NFS or BURNOUT PARADISE was fun??
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Scatpants  +   626d ago
Both just because you cant drive very well doesn't make it less fun
GT67  +   626d ago
hold on now scatpants.. i only stated facts of the game. i've been playing all!!!! NFS,RIDDGE RACER,GT for years im a die-hard NFS gamer if i was in your town i would CHALLENGE you and win. i dont like the sliding into environment and AI cars dont that was my beef. im sure you and all other racer who played any NFS realize what im talking about and say sh't when hit that wall.

my PSN id need4speeder
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JuniorCE  +   627d ago
I hope too!! Because I stopped buying Need for Speed'games because of the arcade game playing...
Kennytaur  +   627d ago
This looks like the most uninspiring NFS for a long, long time. Perhaps ever. From what's been shown so far, there's nothing new and interesting. It's all playing it safe.

DriveClub and The Crew will be remembered in six years time, this wont.
Drakesfortune  +   627d ago
yes i agree...nothing as been shown that has made me think wow that is cool...

shame use to like nfs
Jamaicangmr  +   627d ago
I buy need for speed games for my arcade fix. However the games post the original Most Wanted have been just rubbish and this coming from someone who has bought almost all of them.

I don't like the idea of this one though the always online. You playing single player and someone can just jump in. I see that as interference and i don't like it.
AceBlazer13  +   627d ago
Just let me customize my car man that's all.A brother needs to see a car coming up behind him and be able to say "oh shit man that's ace,he's gonna pass us" not "I wonder which driver that is in the generic single tone Lamborghini?"
CRAIG667  +   627d ago
Did anyone like Pro street? I liked that.
GT67  +   627d ago

haaaaaaa my Trash can did it also liked carbon,undercover,criterions "mostwanted and hotpursuit........ my Trash can might swallow RIVAL if it turn out to be craptastic as criterions mostwanted and hotpursuit was.
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AceBlazer13  +   626d ago
Here's an idea NFS:Most Wanted HD online
EpilepticButcher  +   626d ago
Give us burnout on ps4 please

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