PlayStation 4 Mass Production Is Happening

Neogaf user spotted leaked pictures on Chinese board.
The leaker also mentioned that his boss said they are shipping out over one million consoles from their factory alone, presumably for launch.

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THamm1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

So far production looks like more PS4's being produced in these pics than XboxOne(s) in the Major Nielson pic

IcicleTrepan1690d ago

which means nothing really.

Thisisjuju1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

No dude.. comparing those pics proves nothing.

EDIT: Major nelson posted that picture simply to show fans that the Xbone is in full production.

Whether he took the picture of a single console, a room full or an entire warehouse it doesn't matter.

Comparing those pictures is taking it completely out of context. I assure you there are warehouses right now full to the brim of Xbones ready for launch as it is in full production.

Whichever company is producing more is a complete unknown at this point.

HeyImBen111690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

of course Sony produces more consoles, they have a lot more facturies because they are a hardwarecompany, not like microsoft.

Thisisjuju1690d ago

@ HeyImBen11

Here are the companies that are producing the xbox one parts. With AMD obviously producing the chip-sets.

Asia Optical – sensing lenses
Delat Electronics – power supply
Foxconn Electronics – assembly
Foxlink – connectors
Jentech Precision Industrial – cooling modules
Lite-On Technology – optical disc drive
Newmax – sensing lenses

All of the parts are pretty much created and assembled by third parties. Who owns the most factories is a moot point.


Eonjay1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Once again I must assert logic... as with the completely unnecessary Xbox One pictures, this is ridiculous. No one really thinks that these things aren't coming do they? Sony has presold over a million of these things. Of course its their intentions to fulfill every order and then some.

But if you do want to get crazy for a moment you can zoom into the crates. Notice that they are labled by package number. The most visible one looks like P2113. The one next to it looks like P2118. Each wrapped pallet looks like it contains 30 big boxes which probably contain 8 consoles a piece.

Therefore I submit that if P2113 is the latest package, than this fatory has produced over 500,000 PS4s

My PS4 is somewhere in this shot.

abzdine1690d ago

i could see mine over there on the right!

CrossingEden1690d ago

There is absolutely no proof that more ps4s are in production than xbox1s. Comparing the two pics and saying otherwise is completely nonsensical and delusional. Do you guys need to compare EVERYTHING?

Triella1690d ago


The leaker of this pictures was told by his boss that they are shipping one million consoles for launch from this factory alone. And they are many more assembly lines in Baidu.

FamilyGuy1690d ago

No doubt, here we see a warehouse full of pallets of PS4s wrapped for shipping and ready for launch. One million in this factory alone and this isn't the only factory...

Sony came prepared big time this gen and seeing this just follows in line with all the other great steps they've been making in regards to everything associated with the PS4.

This holiday season is shaping up to be one of, if not the most memorable in history for a gaming fan.

vigilante_man1690d ago

Its finally happened.

Yes folks - we are comparing pictures of cardboard boxes!!

ovnipc1690d ago

Xbox its just a picture of a container being loaded, the PS its a pic of a warehouse, Stop trolling loser!

MWong1690d ago

I'll take 3, since you have so many please!!

The_Con-Sept1690d ago

Amazon be like: We might not have enough!

Bestbuy be like: Reserves are running short!

Wal-Mart be like: please reserve one here. Pretty please!? :(

Target be like: Stop asking us if we have any more reserves! We sold out back in march....

Gamestop be like: would you like to pre order halo 5 with your PS4 reserve?

Microsoft be like: we just overclocked the CPU again! Gotta reconfigure the units!

Sony be like: 4 million PS4's in 4 days. Mwahahahahaahahaha!

Tomorrow kaz be like: 11.22.13? Bring it!

negative1689d ago Show
Ritsujun1689d ago

Mehjurr Pelsuhn's laughable pic got pwned.

kewlkat0071689d ago

Only on here kids fight of pictures of boxes..My company has more boxed than yours..

ShwankyShpanky1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

To be fair... those pics really don't prove anything.

The first pic is just printed packaging. Not even folded and prepped for product. Those could have been printed months ago when the product exterior design was finalized.

In the second pic, the labels aren't legible. They could be pallets of anything.

I won't say that these pics are "faked" in any way, at the same time there's nothing inherent to them to prove they are what they claim to be. The originating thread appears legit I guess... at least from what Google Translate produces.

I've seen nothing that indicates Sony is behind schedule on production, and I believe them to have a better manufacturing supply chain than MS, but to me these pics are little more than a curiosity.

Gotta love Google translate:
"Re @ permissions will not compromise: this reply I laughed urine"

Gorilla_Killa_X1689d ago

@negative. I agreed with you cause that was funny. I don't know if it was meant to be or not but it was.

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pyramidshead1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

over 1mil from just ONE of the factories that are making them. Holy CHRIST O_O.

Thisisjuju1690d ago

Looks like they have learnt from the PS3 selling out at launch. They seem much better poised to meet demand this time around.

Irishguy951690d ago

Yeah, thousands of Chinese working for scraps of food on our Ps4s


Yup, 1 million from this factory alone. If there were ever a bad day to be a scalpers, this is it.

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imdaboss11690d ago

Sony is smart there other warehouse that is producing PS4..The xbone is rushed and is barely in production like what 2 days ago? reason why they are not releasing their console world wide..xbone is going to be more defective then the 360 ..quote for the truth guys

Lboogieskells1690d ago

That's a given, you need to patch it day one or you can't play it without an internet connection.

PSjesus1690d ago

One of those shiny boxes contains my precious

stuna11690d ago

I'm willing to bet yours is the one to rule them all! Lol.

It's always good to see plans coming to fruition! And my plan is get me one of those black, sleek, and sexy PS4's! Perhaps I'll send my wife on a 14 day cruise or something! Anyone know a good travel agent?

Ashunderfire861690d ago

Wish Ron Paul for President was happening lol!!!

# Prcko link

Great news for PS4 copies!!!

dantesparda1689d ago

Careful what you wish for

Ashunderfire861689d ago

So Ronald Reagan was just as old, like most everyone of these presidents in history.

FamilyGuy1690d ago


I can't believe a stack of unfolded cardboard boxes could get me so excited. Seeing the pallets of console ready to ship is also pretty thrilling.
We're in the home stretch now.

WarThunder1690d ago

"The leaker also mentioned that his boss said they are shipping out over one million consoles from their factory alone, presumably for launch. And they are not the only factory that's producing ps4s."

Volkama1690d ago

I'm going to steal all of them. Movies will be made to tell the story of the heist.

When time has healed the wounds of everyone that missed their pre-order my hidden stash of ps4s will feature in the story of Uncharted 19.

Gamer19821690d ago

Well DUH! If they wasn't this far in production by now there would be no end of November launch date..

s8anicslayer1690d ago

Lolz @Majors one pallet..XD

ZHZ901690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Sounds great to me.


thexmanone1689d ago

And the PS4 too win what?

ZHZ901689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

@thexmanone, everything. Just deal with it. :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

PlayStation 4 Mass Destruction Is Happening..

Adopt a ps4 today..

TheXgamerLive1690d ago

Some of the ignorant comments on this post proves one thing, some gamers on here are uneducated about what they speak.

Mr-Dude1689d ago

Why are we comparing these pictures?
Is it about the graphics and polygons? I mean they are pretty much photorealistic so... truly next-gen!

T21689d ago

Serious question - what do people think are minimum and maximims Sony could sell by year one ?

FamilyGuy1689d ago

If demand were high enough to validate them keeping all production factories open for a full year I'd say 14 million. It's unlikely that would happen though, the big sales burst always happen around november-december.

I see them doing 10-12 million though, easily.

1OddWorld1689d ago

Sony has won the hearts and minds this time around, but the only true way to capitalize on this is to have an over abundance of stock in stores. You want to saturate the market so bad that the units sit side by side on the shelves being compared for the people who didn't pre-order. First thing people will compare is price. People want to play next gen games at a price they can afford and $399 looks better than $499.

ovnipc1689d ago

stupid drones that want this paper weight. Xbox One and X 360 all I need after PS1 sony was done for me,
N64>PS1-- Golden Eye better game than any PS game
Xbox Original > PS2--- Halo better than any PS2 game.
Xbox 360>PS3--- 95% of games look better better fps and all games.
Xbox One> Ps4--- Exclusives, Titanfall, DR3, Forza, Ki look better and funner than any PS crap game "Knack" hahahahaha yea spend $400 to play that shit made by the guy who designed it. Fuk PS!

iceman061689d ago

You ARE the weakest link...Good Bye!!!

T21689d ago

Lol dumbest comment in n4g history , congrats. Ps2 literally had the greatest library of all time ... And u put one generic shooter above all that

twinspectre1689d ago

hahahahahah spend 500$ to play lococicle XD FAIL TRY AGAIN
Knack is made by a Veteran ,the man behind Spyro , Crash Bandicoot and Jack and Dexter , and Yeah i will get Knack Day 1 what's your problem ????

Projekt1689d ago

Well, if it's 'funner', then who am I to argue. Didn't your mother warn you of the dangers of going full-retard?

JustPlay41689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

What is with xbox fans an fps's is that all you guys/girls play, don't get me wrong I love shooters but still there other genres out there

1. N64 was good but not better then ps1(your opinion)

2. Original xbox sucks (my opinion) and halo 1 and 2 where on PC as well

3. Those are third party games, that is also just your opinion

4. Again just your opinion not a fact, also is funner even a real word

5. Knack look fine for what it is and I rather pay 400 for a good console with good games then 500 when it could 400 if they would just loses the kinect (my opinion)

razrye1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

You really are a moron @novnipc

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TrevorPhillips1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Not long to go! Come on PS4 :)

EXVirtual1690d ago

Man, they're gonna need that mass production. The demand for the PS4 is off the charts.

PR_FROM_OHIO1690d ago

OMG my PS4 is somewhere in there i want it now lol!!!!!

IcicleTrepan1690d ago

Mine too :) It's getting closer!

twinspectre1690d ago

only 2 month , only 2 damn month

MotoDot1690d ago

I need to find an armor before PS4 launch day or am going to get fucked in the stores -_-