Batman Arkham Origins Leaked Alternate Skins

GR - "Many of these are representations of what Batman and Robin has looked like in different comics in the main continuities, as well as the Elseworlds continuities."

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MegaMohsi1596d ago

I would love to see the dark knight trilogy costumes.

Ezz20131595d ago

and the batman 1989 movie skin

3-4-51595d ago

Batman Animated Series.

Kalebninja1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

the one chance we have to play as batgirl b4 she hits the wheel chair and they give us robin again.... she better be in there somewhere and they should put the arkham city dlc in here and the flashpoint suit and the nolan trilogy suit

shaun mcwayne1596d ago

i like the Azreal Nightfall skin.

HarryMasonHerpderp1596d ago

Pre order now or 3.99 each!
I'm guessing these won't be unlockables like they should be which is a shame really.

Skate-AK1595d ago

Nope. They weren't for Arkham City either. Just wait for the ultimate edition.