Metal Gear Solid V: 8 (Some Are Worrying) Things We Learned From Gameplay Demonstration

WC - We still haven’t the slightest idea what Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes actually is besides a prologue of sorts to the core game, The Phantom Pain, but that isn’t stopping acclaimed and unorthodox director Hideo Kojima from showing the game off. A 24 minute (Get it? 24, Kiefer Sutherland, 24 minutes) exclusive sneak peak gameplay demo has been presented to the gaming press in Los Angeles and along with that came their initial breakdown of the footage.

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Muerte24941721d ago

do it. Stop reading when they said "Less talking, and more gameplay" were cause for concern. It just looks like everybody trying to dig in on MGSV for no reason. Doesn't change the fact that i'm still picking this up day one.

bigboss19901721d ago

Don't like what they've done to snake I'm really pissed off it just shows what happens to these games when America get hold of them. They could of atleast got someone who sounded like snake I would of preferred christian bale least he could do a rough voice lol but nah without david hayter this games just a gimmick what a huge shame..... R.I.P METAL GEAR .