PS3 500GB + GTA V + The Last of Us | £199.99 | Zavvi

New Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console (500 GB) - Black - Includes - The Last of Us and GTA V Games.

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ZodTheRipper1687d ago

Perfect bundle for any PC gamer that didn't had the chance to play the best console exclusives this gen. After you played through both, get Uncharted 2 & God Of War 3 and you're ready for next gen =)

Prcko1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

yep,probably 2 best games this gen

GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Damn, i accidentally disagreed with you. Sorry.

Yeah this is pretty much the bargain of the century. It would be worth it for The PS3 and TLOU alone, getting GTA5 as well is awesome value.

slimeybrainboy1687d ago

I'm getting this. Gave my 6 year old brother my PS3 this summer and all he does is play Uncharted 2 and 3, (so proud) had to rob it back to play TLoU but I can't miss out on GTA V. This bundle is pretty much perfect for me.

Sarobi1687d ago

Now that is a really good bundle~

gaelic_laoch1687d ago

This is the perfect antidote to those considering buying an xbone!

goldwyncq1687d ago

Too bad they don't have an antidote for rabid fanboyism.

gaelic_laoch1687d ago

They need to capture Negative alive, extract a sample to produce a vaccine first!

FamilyGuy1687d ago

Lmao, I'm definitely a fan of Sonys systems but that was hilarious. Perfectly executed, I literally laughed out loud.

*nods head approvingly*

M-M1687d ago

That bundle is too good to pass up if you don't have a PS3 yet.

FamilyGuy1687d ago

Geez I have a PS3 and am considering it O.O
At $199 U.S. with a 500Gb HD and those 2 games it sounds like a black friday deal.

goldwyncq1687d ago

Two of the best games this year, what a great bundle!

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The story is too old to be commented.