Kikizo: Samurai Warriors: Katana Review - Nothing to do with a SEGA console. Sob

Kikizo writes: "I'm not one of these odd types that maintains the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Bladestorm etc series' have anything going for them beyond hack-o-mcslash button bashing. But I have been known to be wrong. Once. A long time ago. Anyway, Samurai Warriors: Katana for the Wii is pretty much the same thing again, but with a few less enemies, from a first person perspective and involving far too much physical activity for my withered girlie man arms. The end, review over, go back to sleep.

More? Okay. The game is an on-rails affair, seeing you take control of some chap as he goes around stabbing people in Japan, some of them ninjas. It has much more in common with Ghost Squad or any other lightgun game than it does with the aforementioned Samurai/Dynasty etc games, and, well, it's pretty good fun."

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