GTA V research included talking to FBI agents, visiting a prison

Rockstar Games‘ co-founder Dan Houser revealed that the research for the fifth entry in the main series of Grand Theft Auto included talking to actual FBI agents and even visiting a real prison.

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hiredhelp1687d ago

This game full supprised cant frikken wait shame i have to wait PC release Doh. But ill wait as long as it takes.

Alexious1687d ago

I hope it comes soon on PC as well. But we're likely going to have to wait for the next year.

CaptainFaisal1687d ago

I thought that in GTA the FBI are called FIB ! wtf?

CaptainFaisal1687d ago


i posted this after i read artical -.- sorry last time ill ever do it lol! Turned out that rockstar spoke with actual FBI agents!

Sarobi1687d ago

I can't wait to jump into this game.

Festano1687d ago

I'm waiting for a long, designed to include also these great details that bring to perfection.

Adityac1687d ago

So, they talk to FBI agents, but don't present the proper name for the agency in the game. 'FIB' YES, I know it's a 'parody' and it stands for a 'lie' but it just sounds so tacky and cheesy in the game. Every time I hear it in the game, it's like that part of the script or game moment just dies... Vice City stories presented DEA for it's proper name so why can't GTA V?

Alexious1687d ago

Maybe the FBI didn't want them to? Anyway, doesn't seem a huge loss, man.