The 13 E-Rated Games That Should Be M-Rated

For the most part, ESRB ratings are a good guideline for game buying. Unfortunately, games are getting more, and more like real life, and in real life, the line between good and bad is not as black and white as a slim list of guidelines. GamePro take a closer look at 13 E-Rated games that should be M-Rated.

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Bill Nye3688d ago

Why'd you use Danica McKellar as the thumbnail?

Covenant3688d ago

God, I used to have the biggest crush on her, when I was a younger lad.

Bill Nye3688d ago

I still have a crush on Super Cooper.

rCrysis3688d ago

shes in the article thats why. bu thats not really the sudoku bikini girl...but she is cute

Tomdc3687d ago

"Since when did empirical Capitalism become a good thing?" since forever... duh!

Marceles3687d ago

Wonder Years: The Game

*theme song turns on*

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Smudge26263688d ago

I was a little surprised at the content in VP as well. The mating "dances" were a little risqué and your piñatas could get sick and die. Maybe this doesn't earn it an M rating, but it seems to need a little more than E for everyone.

Ureval3688d ago

For a kid playing, I dont think they will "get it". But, yeah, for me, they play with the ideas of sex and death in a cute way, but its still kind of disturbing.

S1nnerman3687d ago

Anyone know? Anyone care? And who the heck is Danica McKellar and why don't I know about her? Grrrr ... so many questions :)

Grown Folks Talk3687d ago

Didn't read it. Probably not. Fred Savage's love interest on the TV series The Wonder Years. Hope that helps.

3687d ago
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