PS4 pre-order guide: Prices, game bundles and where you can get it

The good news is that retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears and even the official Sony Store will have the PS4 system in stock for launch day again. Availability at Amazon and GameStop is a little less clear, however.

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ZBlacktt1653d ago

Good to know at least a few places left to get one. To think GameStop and Amazon both crushed and sold out is pretty damn impressive given their global distribution size.

MazzingerZ1653d ago

Wow, SONY really planed this launch till the last detail, Same in Europe, still available and it's not because people don't want it , in Sweden it is number 2 in preorders just behind GTA V-PS3 but above GTA V X360

I recall PS3 was sold out months before launch march 2007.

It will be a SONY x-mas, I have the feeling they will reveal some ND, Santa Monica game in the beginning of december to keep the momentum they have had practically the whole year and end 2013 as the year of the great comeback for PS

abzdine1653d ago

i cant wait to have that beauty home!!!

0ut1awed1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

This article seems to have some serious falacies.

BestBuy has defiantly been taking in store preorders, so I doubt camping out will do anything for you. Also you are charged the full price, not $25 when you preorder it online..

MaximusPrime_1653d ago

Well it's irrelevant news for non Americans..

MazzingerZ1653d ago

Not really, that means that production is well planned and neither Europe will have some problem getting their hands on a PS4, in the worst case restock will be faster, matter of a couple of weeks rather than months like in the PS3 case

HeyImBen111653d ago


holeshot19821653d ago

Just wondering how they say Watch Dogs will be available at launch however the release is not until 11/19.... 4 days AFTER the system release....

HeyImBen111653d ago

Nextgen versions have an earlier release.

PickAShoe1653d ago

woah?! i thought Kmart went bankruptcy like circuit city.

Sarobi1653d ago

They filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and did a lot of juggling around and reopened.. although they haven't been able to make a full recovery and are still in a bad position to this day.

Anywho~ It's good to see that there is still preorders left for those who didn't jump on them earlier.

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The story is too old to be commented.