GamePro: Fallout 3 Preview

When last GamePro checked in on the dreary, bomb-blasted landscape of Fallout 3, they knew this post-apocalyptic role-playing game was shaping up to be something special. Now that GamePro have seen a new and improved version, they think Fallout 3 may be a surprise critical hit and other words, the BioShock of 2008. Here's why.

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damnwrx3871d ago

Looks purty insane >.<

ikiru33853871d ago

hmmm.....still iffy about this game. wasn't a fan of oblivion but this looks promising.

Fishy Fingers3871d ago

I have looked far and wide for some actual gameplay footage but with no joy. Now am I being a noob or has any yet to be released?

Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.

3871d ago