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Digital Chumps: "Guerrilla Cambridge did a great job in giving the Vita its best FPS game to date. They did this by approaching the Killzone franchise from a fresh angle, giving players a console-like FPS experience with the convenience of a handheld, and by adding layers of gameplay mechanics that encourage continued play."

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chestnut11221722d ago

Great Review :), Bought it Yesterday and It is simply amazing.

Cupid_Viper_31722d ago

Wait...What?! You already have it!? How? I thought it'll be released on the 10th, no?

PrimeGrime1722d ago

Released in other places already. The 10th is the U.S. release date. Sigh I know it sucks, I am waiting also.

Just 3 more days -_-

At least it isn't months to have to wait or something. For instance Dragons Crown isn't coming out in Europe until October 11th.

Now that sucks.

Cupid_Viper_31722d ago

Thanks for the info PrimeGrime. But Fuuuuuqqqq! I hate these fuquing 1st world problems, like having to wait 3 more days to spend money on a game... I really do.

dredgewalker1722d ago

It actually released in my country a lot earlier. The problem for me was I didn't know that and the only gaming store I go too has run out of copies. I'll be waiting another week for the new stock.

Cupid_Viper_31722d ago


Maybe you can check your the PSN Store and see if it's available for Download. I just bought a 16GB Memory Card today in anticipation of it.

dredgewalker1722d ago

I'd rather buy the physical copy and save me some memory card space. Besides I prefer buying physical copies now cause I can sell any game that I don't feel like playing anymore and buy me a new one.

chestnut11221722d ago

Sorry for the late reply, I'm From Asia though so we get it earlier than NA and Europe :) It was released on Sept 4 :)

PrimeGrime1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )


Really didn't release a lot earlier. Lol.

EU Sept 4th
JP Sept 5th
NA Sept 10th

Word! Physical copies are the way to go in my book for the same reason, resell value. Digital just sucks because although you pay for it, you don't actually technically own it. I would hate an all digital age because of that.

Only time I get anything digital is when its the only option.

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Nicaragua1722d ago

Anyone in europe looking for online team mates add me - PSN ID is Sleet666

Im awesome at the game btw

erikthegman1721d ago

Does killzone mercenary have an online pass?

Nicaragua1721d ago

I don't think any vita games have online passes, i certainly haven't seen any.

Genuine-User1721d ago

Some do but first party games won't use online passes anymore.

Genuine-User1721d ago

Sony has done it again, this is how you make an FPS on a handheld.
Production value is through the roof.