PS Nation Review - Puppeteer (PS3)

Prepare yourself for one of the most visually stunning and expertly performed puppet show that’s ever graced a games console.

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guitarded771633d ago

The scores for this game have been good. I wanted to play it before, now I have to.

MTEC81633d ago

Looks refreshing, considering a pick as well. Damn it, trying to save for ps4.

guitarded771632d ago

Luckily, I put away an extra $20 a week from the day of announcement of the PS4, and paid it, and all my game pre-orders off, so I wouldn't have to make any sacrifices.

badz1491632d ago

already released here 2 days ago. missed it on PSN. will be downloading ot today for the extra content! great times await as I love the demo. sigh...just got KZM yesterday and today, this. sorry TLoU Survivor, I'll come back later! :-(

guitarded771632d ago

What's the extra contend?

Knushwood Butt1632d ago

@ guitarded

Not sure if it is the same thing, but in Japan you got a bunch of avatars with the download version.

I got the disc version, and it came with some pretty cool phone / key ring accessories.

GrandTheftZamboni1632d ago

@ guitarded

Here in Canada I got a static Puppeteer theme. I wish it was a dynamic one :(

badz1491632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

just downloaded the game this evening and it comes with 10 premium avatars (or maybe more as I lost count) and a dynamic theme. cool!

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Aw man, If the scores for this game keeps up. I guess I'm going to have to add this to the part of my final PS3 games collection, before starting on my PS4 ones.

AceBlazer131633d ago

played the demo for this, the gameplay was solid, beautiful visuals. it deserves a 10 definitely going on my must play list.

Williamson1633d ago

Its only $40 which makes it a must buy for me, looks like really fresh platformer.

Williamson1632d ago

I couldn't decide between the 2 but i cant say no to the physical version, also + took all my HDD space.

vikingland11633d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I got an email that said it was $14.99 not $40.00

edit: my bad I was looking at the wrong game oops sorry.

guitarded771632d ago

??? I think they got it wrong... or maybe you're thinking of RAIN, which is also from the Japan development team, and was announced at the same time.

vikingland11632d ago

I just read it wrong I was looking at puppeteer but reading the price of Mickey mouse castle of illusion. But puppeteer definitely looks good.

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The story is too old to be commented.