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Games Should Not Be Made With Their Sequel In Mind

OnlySP: In addition to trying to make a great game developers now automatically go for the cliffhanger ending. Now I’m not against cliffhanger endings per se, I think there is a place for them, but there’s a bigger problem at hand than some cheap cash-in tactics.

It’s just that when a whole game is developed to fill the spot before the next game it starts to become little more than a stopgap measure. I don’t believe you can make a game with a beginning, middle, and no end and have it be a powerful enough story to satisfy. The end result is a game with a story that not only doesn’t satisfy but doesn’t make much of a difference in the ongoing game world.

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Community1560d ago
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Rainstorm811560d ago

The only game i can think of that did a decent job of it is Mass Effect

Godmars2901560d ago

Yeah. Cause the ending hit all the right marks...

biRdy1560d ago

What does the last game's ending have to do with the first 2 connecting well story wise?

Godmars2901560d ago

The second *game*, besides character presentation, was a waste. Introduces new characters, the soldiers who'll die beside or survive you, but overall it contributed nothing to the overarching story.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I liked XIII-2 but that to be continued ending was some BS.

Godmars2901560d ago

Not to mention that it had to retcon the first.

Blacklash931560d ago

A better title would be "Games shouldn't rely on nonsensical cliffhangers to set up the sequel."

If something is planned for a series, you sure as hell need to keep that in mind when making the first one. Should a TV series create episodes without bothering plan on the connection between them? XIII obviously wasn't set up for a sequel and look at all the stupid stuff they used to justify XIII-2 when it came out. Time travel out of nowhere, a new main character that had nothing to do with the original, ect. It was a mess.

TheLastWriter1560d ago

Obviously you need to keep certain plot points in mind if you are planning a large opus, but getting a sequel started from an actual conclusion usually results in a more creative and complete additional entry instead of every game being open ended and then also tailored for new fans that haven't played the previous entries.