Mark Pacini Asks Daily Reaction: Have You Ever Been Offended by Microtransactions?

During PAX Prime 2013, PSLS got to go behind closed doors to check out the latest build from Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate on the Vita, and while there Mark Pacini took a moment to see what Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan thought about microtransactions. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1326d ago

Interesting to see that microtransactions even piss devs off.

Foolsjoker1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I think that they would be, considering the model is slowly degenerating the public's perception on the status quo.

zeal0us1326d ago

Pisses off dev, yes
Pisses off publishers, no

I seen microtransaction ruin too many games. Sadly too many company make an unbalanced cash shop and then wonder why part of their userbase leaves them.

sashimi1326d ago

devs are gamers too ya know :P

ftwrthtx1326d ago

Those little transactions add up in a hurry.

TrendyGamers1326d ago

I'm really excited for Blackgate, looks really good.

fsfsxii1326d ago

wtf is wrong with Batman's face in the article's pic??

Codey471326d ago

He's had his face munched by a herbivorous zombie. Tis why he's choking the f@@k out of said zombie!

And yes microtransactions take the piss.

doctorstrange1325d ago

I think that's Kaz Hirai's chin.

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