GameStop drops Xenoblade price by $10, Metroid Prime Trilogy by $15

Two of GameStop’s highest-priced pre-owned titles can be purchased at a discount.

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Number-Nine1748d ago

so it's only 80$!? SWEET.


blitz06231748d ago

Does GameStop even have copies of Xenoblade? I can't even find used copies

Kalebninja1748d ago

if u wnna ply it so bad just get gamefly its only like 5$ the frst month and its a great deal now i only buy games wrth having for a long time but imma say this xenoblade was somehow the only of the 3 westernized rpgs to get so overrated i plyed all 3 and xenoblade just sucks the graphics belong on a ps1 the voices are terrible and the combat is repeatative and retarded, i rented it twice and i just couldnt bring myself finish it....try out the last story or pandoras tower instead

RicardJulianti1748d ago

These "are" used copies.

Yes....they are charging $80 for "Used" Xenoblade and the Metroid Prime Trilogy. From what I understand...most copies of MPT don't even have the steel case.

Crazy ripoff. They are also charging more than MSRP for the Limited Edition of Wind Waker HD...simply because they can.

jc485731748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

they have like one per store. I saw one at my local store. It looks like a gutted out new copy, which means they were holding some copies back.

Concertoine1747d ago

It costs 90-100 dollars on ebay, 80 is a great price considering you dont have to wait for shipping

bigbearsack1748d ago

A price cut? Sounds like no one is biting on the BS.

guitarded771748d ago

Good... I hope this bites them in the ass.

BranWheatKillah1748d ago

Considering they're intentionally controller the price, who gives a shit?

ricochetmg1748d ago

I missed out on this game..waiting for a digital release

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1748d ago


Nintendo was dumb for not publishing it in the West themselves, so I can't blame GameStop much.

Whoever makes decision on what games to release to the what markets needs to understand that a good game is a good game.

Hopefully they do it before "Xenoblade 2" releases.

-I hope it is soon because Xenoblade is supposed to be Massive in content.

DarkBlood1748d ago

your talking about that X game for the wiiu right?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

"X" is Xenoblade 2.

Kalebninja1748d ago

trust me u missed out on nothing (this coming from a big rpg fan)

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