Mario Party: Island Tour art

Take a look at the first pieces of art from the new Mario Party.

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PS4isKing_821689d ago

Looks good but I was hoping for Mario party on the wiiu :(

DarkBlood1689d ago

its probably being worked on im sure it will come obviously, coming from a guy who prefers it single player im hoping they have online for the wiiu version

Misaka_x_Touma1689d ago

Mario Party games rarely comes now.

FlyingFoxy1689d ago

Is this game going to have Online multiplayer? they seriously can't argue that the game would be too long for online plays, i remember playing worms on the DS online and some games lasted well over 30 minutes.

Besides, they could just let us choose how many mini games per game, 10-15-20 etc..

I haven't played a mario party since 1 on the 64, i heard they got worse since.. so i hope the newer ones will be more like the originals.

You'd think they would take the most popular mini games from all the others and put them in this one along with new ones.